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    Planes . ww2 plane , korean war jets. Find me in warthunder Saviour_
  1. Having so much fun in wows . 4 Game first to die. Topito suddenly in my face. such fun. Or half the team behind fighing line .

  2. wows is such a fun game. PLy t3 get t4 enemie with 14km range while i have only 9.4. then got rekt . because 14 km fire fire fire while i try to surivev. ply battle ship. suddenly 3 destory from no where topidp booboomboomb. so fun im so enjoying

  3. How can i ply on the us server because most of my gaming clan member played on the us server and im the only asian guy plying on asia server . i tryed dling the us server and it kinda forced my wows asia to be re-writed ratter then having 2 diffent wows launcher.
  4. happy bday to me. june 7 /:

  5. i can hit someone more then 20 time and they dun die. they hit me 10 time i die.
  6. Saviour_

    Optimising graphics for low end pc.

    im using gt620 everything is blur
  7. Someone need to create a tutorial /tip / guild for this game man. this is like my 20 round of game and mostly im using luck to hit target. there are function that i dun underastand or how should i lead target.
  8. There are alot of people using leadind mod.

  9. Hi WOWS Developer! I was wondering with u guy have plans to improve graphics for low end pc user. Im sure there are people who are using low and pc to play games! We pretty much love to play on a nice Graphics too even with old graphic card!
  10. HEHE destory 6 player ship in one game with the USS St. Louis.

  11. This game is alittle unballance. no complain it still beta. Gamplay for me is kinda hard. plyed 10 round got rekt almost in 5min. LE i dun get it . >: i hit 50 time on someone n he dun die! He hit me 10time and i got all the crt damage!

  12. I need help on Gameplay.