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  1. About the name of the Clan

    later when clan wars open, *your clan* vs. [][][][][][][][] hahhaha glad that will not happen
  2. well i'll reverse the question, how do you kill NC using Tirpitz or Bismarck?
  3. her he with DE is decent, i still remember bullying myoko from smoke shooting her with he since her back facing me, 3 fires 2x rudder damaged, can only go straight to death lol but i have problem setting BB with fires dunno why
  4. I want to refund the Lenningrad

    use deto -70%?
  5. indianapolis is not better than pensacola?!
  6. Leningrad

    Review : Leningrad is GOOD!! just play it like anshan or ognevoi (dunno about kiev since the turret is entirely different), its like anshan with 4,5s(bft) 5 guns and 2 more torpedoes this ship hybrid style which actually good with gunning and torping, just the torp reload is 90+s which so looooonnnnggg i recommend to buy it while available, who knows it will be like gremmy, disappeared from shop
  7. Tier V BB outranged Warspite a LOT... wow
  8. they can't read english too, sometimes... or maybe they don't care about chat
  9. what!? new IJNDD line?

    "some" people play this game because those unrelated though~
  10. How sims perform at the last ranked? Since she in shop again... I dont know if i will buy her or not...
  11. Takao

    well she have to be Atago's clone and can't be Atago's clone, also can't be myoko's clone since Takao is better than myoko LOL
  12. Take my money?

    Not bad~ Its a pepsicola with faster shell, 6 front gun, more armour?, and radar Edit : better camo
  13. SCHARNHORST - Cthugha Unleashed

    Well i'm a bit confused why people using their win rate as 'THEIR' skill while a whole team can screw it? When the first i play ranked i got bashed by a fuso user who lag behind team while doing stupid manuever and not advancing to mayorities of player, At the end he got burned by enemy team And when i asked him why he lagged behind, he said that we should listen to him(late) and support him 'cause he had 65% fuso winrate, so we(aleardy capping B point) should go back and support him? Wtf man