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    Feedback thread for CV rework test round 2

    Improvements I like in this version: 1. The camera issues in dive bomber has fixe 2. Count down during aircraft attack mode is nice 3. Fighters/Interceptors indicator 4. Longer engine boosting time for DB and TB, since they are slow However, there are several technical issues in this version. 1. I crashed quite often in this version, it can happen during login or at the end of battle 2. I got a FPS drop during 3CVs VS 3CVs matches, no matter which type of ships I was playing 3. I can't change the key bindings for planes control, I changed R and T buttons to my gaming mouse additional buttons and it did not work. (still remain R & T, but above the icons it shows Mouse 5 and Mouse 6) Suggestions: 1. Same as the previous version, I think it is quite important to add more control to the carrier itself when players are flying their aircraft. Just able to change direction by clicking minimap is not enough. I found it quite annoying when I want to change the speed of the carrier, use damage control or defensive AA while I am flying aircraft, and I may have to return the planes after just takeoff for a while, especially when the enemy CV was trying to snipe me (I actually just want to activate defensive AA). 2. The patrol area of fighters/Interceptors should be larger since enemy's planes can just easily avoid and get pass 3. Should add an option to cancel attack for aircraft attack mode. Sometimes it is too late to start a torpedo bombers attack and I found it frustrating to wait those 10 seconds (sometime more) to past.