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  1. I am pretty amazed by the quality of Wows opening. When I watched it again and again in this afternoon, I found something interesting. In that IJN airstrike. WG is showing us a D3A2 rather than D4Y series in dive bombing. D3A2 cannot take it dear up during diving may consider as a defect. Is there any sepcial concern in this case?
  2. Every piece of information has its value if you were smart enough to know how to use it.
  3. I know this is a rare case. Yes, a case that should never happen. I feel so lucky. (´ ཀ ` ) The defeat was my fault. I am not strong enough to destroy enemies faster than my teammates be destroyed. I feel guilty. I should be blamed. This match taught me to stay at back and be a sniper, or I would return to port without a proper income like my teammates did. I suggest anyone meets this matchmaking five times in a day would be a master in sniping and understand the critical point of WOWs economic system. Oh, generous, noble, holy matchmaking, please show your mercy on every WOWs player. I am a nobody who cannot engross such privilege of luck. It seems my mixed irony is hard to understand for someone. Let's keep it simple. I told my teammates to be careful and push steadily, but they didn't give a sh*t. They rushed and sunk as quickly as possible. I fulfilled my duty as a BB but I can't challenge every enemy by myself. This kind of matchmaking is not valuable and has a bad influence. Players sunk quickly may not realise their faults and blame the rest for not following. Players sniped at the back may find their damage output increased and their income is secured so keep sniping as a habit. Players at the side of victory may learn nothing useful other than rush forward to harvest more damage. Matchmaking is not equal and so is the human life. Unequal matchmaking is acceptable. For me, within 5% is OK. A good grand strategy may lead a team to victory even 5% win rate lower and it often happens. There is almost 10% difference in this match. I suggest it is good enough to be an example for discussion of extreme matchmaking.
  4. 挺喜歡這遊戲的,但最近被制裁到玩不下去了。 打算離開一段時間,齊柏林測試估計也沒我事了。 分房制裁一般多久結束?
  5. Canberra, TPG, flutuates between 200 to 500ms, normally 100ms. Tried mobile hotspot, some ping reducers, but ping still stays high. 1 week premium wasted.
  6. 1. Mouse is functioning on task bar when open fire. 2. if mouse is moved to task bar position. 3. Exit full-screen mode 4. Not sure 5. Around 4:00 (GMT 10+) This is what we used to see This happens when move a bit further left
  7. Moved to other thread. Duplicate Thread. Closed. ~dead_man_walking
  8. 最近在想為什麼某些玩家會做出難以理解的舉措,在朋友的推薦下接觸了war thunder(WT)的遊戲,發現WT有basic training。 在過了basic training以後我至少知道這個遊戲該怎麼玩了,至於技術這種需要磨練的東西肯定是無法迅速掌握的 如果WOWS能出一個簡化到類似教玩家如何打定點的裝甲區的教學并強制新玩家通過后再與其他玩家對戰這樣會對提高整體玩家素質做出貢獻 希望WG能做出真正培養戰術意識的模式而不是給點小獎勵繼續讓某些理解能力低下的玩家瞎玩 即使是最低職位的士兵也是要通過軍事學院才能在船上工作的,然而我們的玩家呢? 請不要說玩家有自己的特色玩法,這些特色到了現實中只會讓他們進入軍事法庭被審判 WOWS想表達什麼,它的靈魂又在哪?它能讓玩家領悟什麼?為什麼以戰爭為題材卻感受不到戰爭的嚴肅? 如果它只是想讓玩家打打炮,丟丟雷,這樣的遊戲又能堅持多久呢?
  9. 因為涉及id隱私問題不方便直接把圖貼上來 有什麼方法直接舉報?
  10. 不少低能並不會用魚雷,節哀
  11. 老兄你也被WG的弱智分房逼急了,玩玩其他的消消氣
  12. Shrino

    Feeling like being [content removed]

    Since you are an alpha tester, you should have seen an unbalanced match in last year. WG made some adjustment since then, but the gap is out there and you cannot deny it. Then lets talk about the battle. Some Kongo players like to act like a sniper, keeping their target around 20km away from them. Some kongo players prefer retreating as soon as something lights them. The one who can organise an effective encounter in this case must be genius. That Nagato received [devastating strike] award twice in that battle. Along with his derision, morale in this side never raised. In the last two minutes, I did try to give some damage to Nagato and found Nagato had not received any damage before. Saipan is T7 as well. There is no difference in the highest tire. Thus the matching is fare. Sounds nonsense.
  13. Shrino

    Feeling like being [content removed]

    I think you did not take the point. I did not mean the whole team. The BB in this side all are T5 and they have one T7. No T6 BB at all. Challenge a higher tier is pretty common. However, if the gap is large enough, ordinary player cannot do anything except being ruined. I challenged a CV in higher tire alone when I was using T5 CV. That was hopeless.