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  1. finally got my code, thanks for Mr. Andrew Buzz from Support team
  2. it's already more than 12 hour, but there is still no invite code for me ,
  3. I'm not even getting one dude , congrats for you you should be thankful, even if you got only one key
  4. Waiting for Invite Code :)

  5. already sending support ticket , stiil waiting a reply from customer service center
  6. i didn't get any invite code too , FPfr0sty Musashira & Kamikaze_Ace already received their code , so why we didn't get any code. We are a winner too, right ?
  7. yeah i think i'm gonna message the support team too
  8. i'm still waiting, i'm really hope to get the code
  9. i didn't receive the invite codes too , my name is on the list , please help me, thank you