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  1. finally got my code, thanks for Mr. Andrew Buzz from Support team
  2. no reply, no invite code, no answer, nothing
  3. it's already more than 12 hour, but there is still no invite code for me ,
  4. I'm not even getting one dude , congrats for you you should be thankful, even if you got only one key
  5. Waiting for Invite Code :)

  6. already sending support ticket , stiil waiting a reply from customer service center
  7. i didn't get any invite code too , FPfr0sty Musashira & Kamikaze_Ace already received their code , so why we didn't get any code. We are a winner too, right ?
  8. yeah i think i'm gonna message the support team too
  9. congrats, i hope i'll get the code soon
  10. i'm still waiting, i'm really hope to get the code
  11. i didn't receive the invite codes too , my name is on the list , please help me, thank you