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  1. Royale81

    How to fix the poor high tier meta

    I've never thought about repair costs (other than them being exorbitant at higher tiers. It certainly doesn't effect the way I play though. The biggest thing effecting the playstyle is the lethality of higher tier torpedoes. Their spread, their number and that they can be launched without ever being revealed. It's just normal for someone to hold back. Who wants to die quickly and lose out on gold, xp, etc. Of course people will hold back . It's just how it is until WG figure out something better. That is if they want to.
  2. Royale81

    0.5.1 Public TEST Patch Notes

    I have superintendant on the captains of my Baltimore and Des Moines so I assume I will get 4 charges of defensive AA fire which is more than enough. Aside from slightly "thicker" armor on the Baltimore and Des Moines they have also re-worked the US Pen characteristics of the 203mm guns. A user on the Euro forums has been playing the des moines in the test server and posted some.....amazing results...... All I can say is WOW.
  3. Royale81

    Maintaning WR In WOWS.

    Yes I can what? Did I ask a question?
  4. Royale81

    Maintaning WR In WOWS.

    I play to win also. But I dont care about my win rate. Its just a useless stat and has zero bearing on the way I play Wows. There are so many factors that go into winning/losing that you cant control. Worrying about the stat changes nothing.
  5. Royale81

    Maintaning WR In WOWS.

    Why does win rate matter?
  6. Royale81

    How to play the New Orleans

    I play NO like a DD. Concealment is very important. I upgrade gun fire control mod 1. At the start I may screen CV's and BB's but my anti air is only ok for self defence. I hunt other CA's mostly. AP vs CA is GG. Stay at range and armor angle properly. I play this ship like a sniper.
  7. Royale81


    I am performing very well with this ship. Have finally upgraded all modules also. Incredibly devastating guns with AP. Incredible. I've taken maximum range mods so I shoot out to 18.1k. Yes, I take gun fire control system 1 and gun fire control system 2. I play like a dd hunter / sniper. I pepper BBS at range with my HE and set plenty of fires. For captain skills I have 11 points. I take, basic fire training, situation awareness, expert marksman, superintendant and demolition expert. Anti air is adequate for screening (obviously not fantastic, but good enough) and time my defensive fire only for torpedo bombers. Again I will say AA is adequate for self defence and screening. But I play my cruiser like a DD. Surface detectability is only 11.3k's. This will allows me to put a tonne of fire on out of position ships and at the same time dodge and weave away due to the range of my guns. Float like a butterfly sting like a bee. That's how you play this ship.
  8. Royale81


    I have the Baltimore and its a fantastic ship. I love it.
  9. Royale81

    looking for division

    Add me also. Royale81 Cheers