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  1. Take a look at the 'Deep Sea Treasure' vs 'Battle Pack: 30 days'. See anything funny? DST gives 13,000 dub & 30m silver, BP:30 gives 10,000 dub, 22.5m silver & 30 days prem(2500 dub worth). Both priced the same. So it means we get 500 dub & 7.5m silver less with your latest 'promotion'. Hopefully its a mistake(and please give the guy who thought of this a good scolding) & would be corrected.
  2. Same here in Singapore the night before the patch, I was facing a desync of around 2~3 sec but with no difference on my ping. It happens from time to time & i still wonder if its my internet which is faulty, or I was cursed.
  3. For Singapore players!

    Ahoy here! Add me