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  1. Hi all, just wondering how slim the chances of me being able to get my account transferred from the ASIA server to say maybe the A NA server? Reason I ask is that generally the game itself is fun to play, but the language barrier on the Asian server is making the game not fun, most of the time all I see are Boxes, and in a team game communication should be paramount, but being able to understand or be understood is quite a challenge...... If it wasn't for the fact that I have quite a few ships on this account I would simply just start a new account, but would rather persevere with this account, and considering I have spent money on this account, id rather not go to another account. Considering this is still BETA I wouldnt think it would be a drama too much, if this account stopped and I started another, the game has not lost or gained an account.....
  2. Tewaka

    Hardly any CVs since update.

    Yeah been in a few maps with no CVs, its great, having some great battles...
  3. As far as talking about Ping, I was meaning as opposed to playing on say the EU or NA servers from Australia..... Trouble with Asian titled server is there is no one "Asian" Language, therefore we get the problems that we have now, many many multi languages occuring, atleast on the EU or NA server you probably would expect the majority of language to be English, and in a game that is supposed to be about teamwork, communication should be a priority, I havent found a language tool to translate square boxes yet..... This problem is not limited to just this game, but language seems to be an after thought in alot of recently developed games, then they have to try and rush in some crappy translation software that most times makes no sense anyways.....
  4. Tewaka

    No Carrier Maps

    Man What ship has an SPG on it?
  5. Tewaka

    No Carrier Maps

    Dont like the post, dont post then.....Its a simple request, I know alot of people who talk about it during maps, there would be no harm in having maps with no Carriers in it, sometimes the Matchmaker does this already, so having an option to select where you dont want to be in maps IMO would be a good thing. Oh and BTW prefer butter on my popcorn....
  6. Tewaka

    No Carrier Maps

    Hi WG, is it possible to have a few more maps where its carrier excluded? The game is waaay more fun going toe to toe with BBs and DD and CAs......Carriers ruin this game with the 500 million planes they seem to have, maybe then we could actually employ some tactics in this game, DDs might be able to creep closer to enemies for example, instead of being spotted every 10 seconds by one of the 50 planes flying around the map..... Or maybe a feature where we can tick a box or something so we can go into maps without carriers, that way players can make a conscious choice on if they want to play against CVs or not....
  7. Simple fix, add a Server to Australia, call it Oceanic, or Pacific, then let us transfer off this god awful Asian server.... I have to play on it being in Australia, due to Ping ETC....
  8. Tewaka

    blue line fix

    Maybe this is abit simplistic, why not code the blue line so its land? You hit it, you stop, end of story.
  9. Tewaka

    USN DDs....is it worth playing now?

    The top USA DD are fine, its the mid range ones Tier 6 and Tier 7 that are crappy....you have too many things stacked against you to be competitive, getting kills or hits with the Mahan is damn near impossible stock.... Id love to know what teh designers were thinking about this ship....
  10. Tewaka

    USN DDs....is it worth playing now?

    Yes they are still very bad, as a Mahan owner, I find it very difficult to get close enough to ships to actually hit them.....At Tier 7 most players have some experience in the game, and most maps are out in the open, with very little places for a DD can sneak up upon an unsuspecting ship, the Mahan is badly designed, can be seen at 7.9km on surface, torps have a range of only 4.5km stock....., and thanks to the newest patch, getting close to a ship is really hard since the have improved close quarters guns.....
  11. I had a look but couldnt find a specific guide on the Farragut, but just wondering if anyone has suggestions on this ship for its playstyle? Being a T6 ship, the matchmaking pairs me upto and including tier 9, and I really struggle to get hits/ kills with this ship at those levels, most maps have CVs, and the CVS have alot of planes, the planes are so many that there is not alot of places on a map to be all stealthy due to planes constantly spotting you (even with AA turned off), So I try to stick closer to land, but im spotted more than 80% of the whole map time anyway, so hiding close to land does very little... The ship itself gets spotted on surface from 7.2kms away...yet my Torpedos have only a limited range of 4.5kms upgraded....so I somehow have to get within atleast 4.5kms of a ship to atleast have a chance of torping at it....but at this close its really easy to be hit, and the higher tier ships their secondary armaments start hitting from 5km range....The IJN Equivalent (Mutsuki) ship can fire torps form 10kms away, and they have a surface detection of 5.9kms....This seems really stupid IMO, perhaps they should be switched around?, also the reload of the torpedos is ridiculous... I do realise that the torps do different damage, and if you do manage to get up close to a ship you most likely do destroy it, but its a very slim chance to even get up really close, how do others make this ship competitive, I know this is BETA but surely something as lop sided as this god awful ship can be looked at? How do you guys cope with the ocean map, where this ship has almost a zero survivabilty/ hit chance......Why such a difference between the IJN ship and this ship?
  12. Tewaka

    USN DD's "Bad"?

    Yeah I have the Farragut, its pretty bad compared to the (IJN) Equivalent..... Torpedos only have a range of 4.5km.....and thats Upgraded lol...You also get spotted at 7.2km on surface, and of course when you are up against Tiers 8 and 9, well you pretty much have no chance to do much.....Having a Main gun that fires abit more than the (IJN) ship, is really pathetic, and Id like to know the logic of why the (IJN) T6 and The Farragut are soooo different to each other, with the (IJN) ship having huge advantages. Inappropriate Abbreviation. Post Edited. User warned. ~lengxv6 As per http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/8251-notice-on-the-abbreviation-of-japanjapanese/
  13. Tewaka

    Just out of curiosity.....

    Well they dont get alot of sales form our server coz we get stuck with shit stuff to buy.....
  14. Can we get the 3 times daily bonus like they do on the EU servers please
  15. Please scroll on by if you don't like a thread. Is there a forum rule that says you have to post here if you don't like it?