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  1. hattusa_042

    [MOD] Japanese naval ensign "Rising Sun Flag" for IJN ships.

    man this is an awesome mod but we need you to update it for version anyway thankyou for posting this as retaining the history!
  2. hattusa_042

    幾個 建議 和 問題....

    下一個版本中卡邊速度會減少75% 至於魚雷 現在提示已經很明顯了 以前封測的時候不論敵我 魚雷都閃到你身旁才顯示出來 怕死 伺服器作風問題 你隻能提早觀察形勢努力不被隊友賣 現在一般都養幾隻中階船來供奉高階的大爺們 (玉子燒 球磨和燃燒的愛都不錯 排名戰有説過以後會調整獎勵 現在沒人排是因爲傳聞這季沒獎勵的樣子(?)
  3. hattusa_042


    我也在期待官方再次推出HMS Warspite. 厭戰號的炮彈分佈十分精準,而且擁有合理的防空能力,毫無疑問是艘出色的戰列艦。
  4. hattusa_042

    how to play IJN kawachi

    Fight close range battles. There is a buff in accuracy when your fire range is less than 4 km for BB. P.s. rmb to shoot AP shells when versing CL like tenryu and kuma. Douge torps with skill and... luck.
  5. 厭戰是非常不錯的船 精準度很高 可惜跟我無緣
  6. hattusa_042

    Ship Classes - Beginner's Guide To Tree Selection

    Exactly. Furutaka is the base for you to learn in how to use a 203mm gun onward. It may be awful at the beginning, especially when you're still with your practices in sailing a Tenryu or a Kuma; but once you've got her accuracy, you can easily burn or penetrate targets within 10km with the help of gun fire control modifications. She will be a great ship if you command her like a battleship instead of a cruiser when firing.
  7. hattusa_042

    So Mikasa....

    Fire Prevention and Advanced Fire Training definitely.
  8. hattusa_042

    Cleveland - Grossley Overpowered - Free to Win Indeed!

    So how about T7 Atlanta... that is exactly a beast in raining shells......
  9. hattusa_042

    Error after update, Client out of date.

    Go to your World of Warships file and run the WoWSLauncher directly.