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  1. Is it possible to have some gun turrets lock in certain position without having them to turn every time u decided change ur firing side. Always wanted to fire at different target at different side (Starboard / Port side) at once.
  2. ClaimhConquista

    Montana vs Yamato....... Montana win....

    It depends on the skill of the captain . One could gauge the strength of ship based on their weapon and armor ,but in the event of one captain feeling confident about his ship armor and decided to ram it to the enemy ships. The outcome might be different if this "do" happens. So any High lvl admiral with either Montana and Yamato wan to test it out? Ramming both ship bow ahead.
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    Some questions

    So what happens if we buy premium accounts (lets say 1yr) during OBT ? Will it be refunded just like those premiums bought during CBT?