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  1. magvearn

    Ship stuck "in battle"...

    Molotov finally returned to port after the latest patch. Not tried battling with it yet as i have work to do, Will do that in a few hrs. Thanks WG though i've wished that you could've communicated some solution from your support. To the moderators that was giving suggestion to help thanks too.
  2. magvearn

    Ship stuck "in battle"...

    yeah, vanilla game, restarted pc everyday. even goes to validate installation folder using your launcher. Last step would be to delete the client and reinstall. Thats a tall order to do, seeing as i can still play with the other ships normally.
  3. magvearn

    Own music feature

    create the folder inside the res folder. UserMusic. That's it. Then copy your music into the folder and tick the box under audio and restart client. Should work after that. XD
  4. magvearn

    Ship stuck "in battle"...

    Wow, nice. Did you have to do anything to get it back? My molotov is still drunk at sea
  5. magvearn

    Ship stuck "in battle"...

    Same problem but with a molotov. Issue: Ship stuck "In Battle" Ship: MolotovMap: Didnt remember.Occurrences: after one of the match that doesn't get recordedTested: restarting client doesn't help. still "In Battle"Severity: can't use the shipDetails: Ship stuck "In Battle" for at least a few hours, battle never get recorded for that particular match, and the rest of the ships are still playable as per normal.
  6. magvearn

    They've broken it 2 days in a row

    well my Molotov have gone to sea and wont came back...what the hell...
  7. magvearn

    It is almost as if players don't want to win

    Yeah...I just ate salt the whole time. Ohh how i was really ready to just blast the chat . Dammmmnnn
  8. magvearn

    [Channel] WoWS Malaysia Network

    Add me up for div play. Usually available from evening till 1 am(Usually) Monday to Thursday. Friday till sunday i'm online 80% online. Still very newbbbie... non-english. user warned. ~dead_man_walking
  9. magvearn

    It is almost as if players don't want to win

    I dont understand why ALOT of players like to U-turn at the first sign of trouble. I was in a game where we are pushing one flank and manage to drive the enemies back. I charged forward in my Kongou-Sama ship, to my surprise i was left alone and 2 Myoko's that was beside me was 4 km the other way. As i cannot turn and get citadeled left and right. I just charged forward and kill 1 DD and a cruiser and died to torp and dive bombers and shots from a nagato...mehhh. We loss the game. more mehhh.
  10. magvearn

    [Channel] WoWS Malaysia Network

    Hello guys , Just checked and Wows Malaysian Network channel is not listed (offline) Can anyone recreate the channel? Want me to create it first?