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  1. Hexlin

    Have you got your T-61?

    Well it seems that WG may have breached consumer protection laws in Australia under "false advertising". And considering the T61 has only just now been distributed on NA and it is a manual process I would suspect WG has overlooked the Asia time zone. If blame is found to lay with WG and you are based in Australia I believe you are entitled to full restitution & compensation. We will see how they plays out..
  2. Hexlin

    Bismark Premium Camo

    Hi, could I please suggest if possible to clean up the premium Bismark camo for 3000 doublons so it is on par with her sister the Tirpitz (ie reduce the amount of rust and make the stripes on the hull more vivid please) As the Bismark appears now with the premium camo it looks like he is over due for dry dock and a new coat of paint. Thanks
  3. ​Not really I just find it possible to carry a match in the 7v7 format in a BB like the derpitz. The ships only weakness is its AA and poor agility which are not really applicable to ranked as I am yet to join a match this season with a CV. The speed, turret traverse ,rate of fire, secondaries, torps and accuracy of the guns and armor scheme at mid to low ranges are just godly in ranked, she can snipe or brawl with the best of them and has the speed to cap and chase cruisers & DD's if needed. I have even hunted down DD's multiple times when I am the only player left on our team to win matches, I just find the derpitz is made for ranked battles. The only ship that concerns me is the NC with a decent captain that knows how to angle, I tend to ignore firing on NC's until I am able to get into close range so I can actually damage that tough nut. Would like to know my win rate this season in it but the stats are still season 1 on here.
  4. I have found the wait times this season to be much better than last. At least this season I was able to find games R10 to R5 with the average wait around an hour. The problem is once you hit Rank 5 you will not find any games to join regardless of peak times or not. I have been trying to find a rank 5 game for 3 days now and have only ever seen 1 other in the queue. I am worried the rank player base is just to small to achieve R1 on this server.
  5. Hexlin

    Ranked R5-R1

    Yes I know it has only been a few days but it was stated on RU that the majority of S1 R1 players achieved their ranks in the first 3 to 5 days. In S1 I did not start playing ranked until the last week due to work so I accepted the fact I had most likely missed my chance to rank any further as most of the player base may have already reached R1. It would be very disappointing if it was not possible to join games at R5 and above even when playing at peak times and days. I am just trying to find out some information to maximise my chances of joining games. So does anyone know of any site that provides rank information by sever for this season and last as the player profiles here are still showing only S1 stats. I would like to know if anyone on the Asia server even achieved R1 last season to see if it is at all possible to do so on this server or is the ranked player base just to small. If it turns out that it is impossible to obtain R1 due to the small player base maybe WG could award the R1 rewards to the top % of players that put the time & effort in to try an hit R1 but just could not find games. Something like obtain rank 1 or end up in the top 1% of the ranked player base by server if no one obtained R1 and you will be awarded the R1 rewards so we are not wasting our time playing for an impossible target.
  6. Hexlin

    Ranked R5-R1

    Has anyone been able to join any battles in the R5 to R1 brackets, every time I try I am the only one in the queue. In S1 I could not get any games at rank 10 and hope this is not going to be repeated at rank 5 for S2.
  7. Hexlin

    Ranked Battles rank

    Made it to rank 10 a few days ago and haven't been able to join a game since due to lack of players even during peak server times. Was anyone able to find games and make it past rank 10?
  8. Hexlin

    Server Lag

    Also in Melbourne and this is the first time that the game is unplayable for me due to lag since CB. Calling it a night and will try again over the weekend
  9. Hexlin


    FYI Tirpitz will be available on NA on the 17th Sept. Still no word on a release date for SEA though.
  10. Hexlin


    I did read a post from a WG employee stating that the Tirpitz will be released in all regions in September on the RU forums. I know its not an actual date but at least we can expect the ship sometime this month.
  11. Hexlin


    With NA not getting access to the Tirpitz for at least a few more weeks due to back to school and marketing decisions (Nyx post) and EU rumors that the Tirpitz will be in the shop by the end of the month even with the 0.4.1 delay. Is there any news on when SEA may see the Tirpitz released if the regions are responsible for setting their own time lines? All Tirpitz threads have been merged into the one. ~dead_man_walking