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  1. Akari1458

    Loading....until tomorrow

    Ugh... Seems the mod not working to my shop (or i put it on wrong folder ?? Put in res_mods and still 10 minutes loading time) I really wish WG fix this bug.... Already 1 month can't play with friend.... Should i make new thread for this...?
  2. Akari1458

    Loading....until tomorrow

    ^ Thx for sharing! Will try it on my LAN-Shop, hope it worked too in here... And hope WG Fix it asap for this annoying problem
  3. Akari1458

    Loading....until tomorrow

    In my case (2 Lan-shop), one is using NVIDIA and the other using AMD. .
  4. Akari1458

    Loading....until tomorrow

    I wish any devs / moderator react for our suffer asap... I'm also already posted this problem on the other thread >> http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/14759-after-055-stuck-loading-screen-for-10mins/ (with screenshot include) Maybe i should make my own thread? Because i posted on other one. It's just all of us suffer the same problem.
  5. Akari1458

    After 055 stuck loading screen for 10mins

    Glad i'm not alone too. Since almost claimed it's "diskless pc problem". As my own pc got no problem at all, but when i'm going to play with my friend in LAN-Shop, this problem happened (we tried on 2 LAN Shop, happened same) Issue: 7-10 Minutes Loading time ingame battle Screenshots: ( , , , ) Ship: AllMap: AllOccurrences: Happened all timeTested:TestedSeverity: Disaster (detail in below)Details: This problem completely disable us from playing as usual as before it's patch (055). while the other playing already engage in battle, we are still stuck in loading screen(even someone already killed us using CV before we done loading), not to mention some of players accusing us as "Bot" / "AFK-er" and blaming us in the end for losing the game. I wish Wargaming will take action as fast as it's needed for us player who suffer this problem..
  6. Akari1458

    Issues With High Tier Battles

    Yes... We have issues... 4 consecutive lost. I'm(edited) done... 1st time post since CBT because i can't take this anymore. So much [content removed] in tier X *grumble mode on* Profanity. Post edited. User warned. ~dead_man_walking Post Edited - Dead missed a bit ~lengxv6
  7. Akari1458

    CBT code

    Man... You guys really have patience on treating new people... I'm surprised, kind people still exist Respects for all of helpers Anyway, pray for the code too... It's been 3 months... for me.... to wait....