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  1. You have lost me as a customer. I've played WG games for years now and have spent my last cent for your racist company. Denying the Aus NZ clans the chance to play CW's is the single worst decision WG have ever made and people should be fired because of it. It simply isn't good enough you money grabbing [content removed] and i'm tired of it. Don't ever send another WG staffer to this country or stage another PAX event here,you're not welcome. Insults toward Admins/GMs/Mods. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~amade
  2. jimmywrangles_1

    Update 0.6.12 Feedback

    Pro's, other than Halloween not much. Cons, Excluding the English speaking countries in asia from clan wars was a biggie, can't think of anything bigger in any game I've played to be honest. Hasn't been a fun and engaging few weeks. Thanks WG.
  3. jimmywrangles_1

    Ships like Sims

    Any premium ship.
  4. jimmywrangles_1

    How to improve the karma system.

    Be a mamber of clan 1NATN, get neg repped for having a sense of humour every single day. Luckily it means nothing so not one damn is given.
  5. jimmywrangles_1

    How to improve the karma system.

    I recognise wisdom in this post.
  6. jimmywrangles_1

    Unintentional kill stealing

    Ship happens.
  7. jimmywrangles_1

    Are the aim bots back in this game?

    Fair enough.
  8. jimmywrangles_1

    Are the aim bots back in this game?

    Karma doesn't work that way, only one counts from a single player. My clan has tested this.
  9. jimmywrangles_1

    CB and WG Asia's huge mistake

    Too salty for WG forums Bex but I totally agree. I've waited two years for clan wars,spent a heap of cash only to be excluded from the only form of play that interests me. **** content removed **** (Insert sanction here). Warning issued. Profanity ~Chappo
  10. jimmywrangles_1

    Post your crazy ship related pics here.

    Video link not a pic but awesome in every way, RIP all those aboard. Kamikaze Attack ~ USS John Burke.
  11. jimmywrangles_1

    Post your crazy ship related pics here.

    My Aoba often looks like that.
  12. jimmywrangles_1

    Post your crazy ship related pics here.

    Not according to Lieutenant Robert Ramsay the only officer to survive the encounter or Able seaman Duncan Blair who i'll quote. "In the meantime we had received many hits. We had dived back into the smoke screen. When we came out the Captain said "stand by to ram" and that is what happened. We turned around and we ran straight into the Hipper smashing into her side and tearing a gaping hole in her. I believe this was instrumental in disabling her water desalination plant. As we turned away we received many hits some of them very serious. In fact one of them ripped a hole in the engine room in the starboard side of the ship. The Captain, then realising that we were sinking, ordered us to abandon ship." In every account i can find Lt commander Roope gave the order to ram so I think you're mistaken. http://gilesnet.co.uk/glowworm/index.php?cmd=duncan http://www.thewarillustrated.info/213/now-it-can-be-told-last-glorious-fight-of-the-glowworm.asp http://ww2today.com/captain-of-hms-glowworm-wins-first-vc-of-the-war http://www.historyofwar.org/articles/weapons_HMSGlowworm.html
  13. jimmywrangles_1

    Is it good idea to buy a premium ship

    Best bang for the buck would be the Murmansk. High speed, excellent guns, 8k torps at tier 5. Money well spent.
  14. jimmywrangles_1

    Post your crazy ship related pics here.

    HMS Cambletown after ramming the docks at St Nazaire while packed with exposives. (photograph taken just minutes before detonation). This is how you win multiple Victoria cross's. Cambletown destroyed along with the docks.
  15. jimmywrangles_1

    Post your crazy ship related pics here.

    HMS Glowworm under fire from Admiral Hipper just moments before ramming and putting the German Cruiser out of the war for 6 months. This is how you win a Victoria cross. Glowworm on her side with the captain(Lt Commander Roope) sitting on a deck chair discussing the cricket with an officer while awaiting rescue. Glowworms captain would drown during the attempted rescue and be awarded the victoria cross on a recomendation from the Hippers captain. Inappropriate content. Post edited. User warned. ~dead_man_walking note - great historical photos, however the swastika is banned