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    high tier DD reduce aircraft detected

    thx. for replying word. 1) yes i do understand. i'm short English. so what? u can't understand? 2) USN DD's AA firepower will be improved in 0.4.1 as mentioned in the public test notes . <- it just USN DD. right? 3) if u take high tier DD. how to survived enemy aircraft? 4) here is not "Suggestions community"? Suggestions need " high level English word?" of course here exist [the correct translation] thx! wonderful
  2. high tier dd lot of risk from enemy scout. so i think about if 8 tier over DD. need more reduce by concealment air detectability range. many high tier dd player if enemy aircraft carrier detection push [t] and reduce speed but that all. DD AA guns weakness. so enemy aircraft just stopping smoke area. so DD can't escape. high tier aircraft more than 150knots. Summation) 1. high tier dd if detection from enemy air craft. (more than 150knots. u can't throw away) just ally aircraft only 2. push [T] smoke ability. and stopping smoke area. 3. enemy team focus smoke area. 2. how survived? just afk only?