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  1. Thanks for the advice, though I already reinstalled the game, next time I know what kind of files I will tinker first.
  2. Tried and doesn't works, the client said my game is older than the server. I looked into the folders and everything (almost) doesn't seems touched by the patch few hours ago. Seems like it needs a way to tell the launcher to do that update again.
  3. So do I just copy and rename it? I looked inside, nothing seems important there
  4. Hmm, my Paths.xml looked like this as well. And my res_mods folder only has two sub folders /${version_one}.${version_two}.${version_three} / There are no
  5. If that is something manually create(which I think I didn't, but anyways), is there any document pointing to the path which I can tell it I don't need this?
  6. When I try to start the game, I got this message, but the Launcher said I got the latest update. So I followed the path, the folder really doesn't exists, so how do I tell the Launcher to check if my files are all up to date? Or if the problem is elsewhere, is there any ways to solve without download everything again?