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  1. ANBEOhimlam

    Insanely ping and lag

    i use both wireless and cable internet connection. I dont know why i have such a high ping.
  2. ANBEOhimlam

    Insanely ping and lag

    I really piss off with these ping, can anyone help me plz
  3. ANBEOhimlam

    when will furutaka buff applied into asia server

    i would very happy with the RoF is 4 per minute and the turret speed down to 36 seconds, but i think they would make the last hull which look like Aoba
  4. As you can see, there a post in another server that furutaka got a buff with rudder shift, RoF and torpedoes but when i access in asia server, they dont applied it yet. Any ideas please?
  5. ANBEOhimlam

    Stuck on loadiing screen

    Can anyone help please, i got stuck on loading screen till the end of battle, idk why, help me please, i need more xp to got to kuma