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  1. Preliminary Japanese tech tree changes

    won't there be Akagi,kaga or Shinano?
  2. IJN vs Kriegsmarine Ships

    IJN has larger fleet size than Kriegsmarine.Kriegsmarine didn't have much ships since Hitler believed in U-Boat tactics and he ordered the navy to make more U-boats instead of making new ships.So the match depends on weather U-boats are allowed to Participate or Not.Without U-boats and Subs,IJN may win cause they have better Battleships and they are more in number.But if U-boats come in,the fate of the match may be different .
  3. AniManga Chat :E

    April is ending,yet no release date of it :/
  4. Your Questions to Developers #1

    Will we be able to equip our main guns with anti air shells and shoot down enemy planes ?
  5. I received 2 codes,One worked and other didn't So I submitted a ticket to the support center
  6. Congrats to the Facebook winners in the Asia page

    okay thanks going in
  7. Congrats to the Facebook winners in the Asia page

    can you give me link to the support section?
  8. Congrats to the Facebook winners in the Asia page

    I won a code and got messaged accordingly.But One code worked and other didn't so my friend couldn't get win. according to comeptiong rules I should win 2 working codes right?but why did I code work and other didn't ?Please send me another working code cause according to the rule I should win 2 working codes
  9. POIの真の意味

    Yori dori Midori Poi.Yare Yare Daze
  10. Fubuki ("Bucky") Overview

    Shiratsuyu-class destroyers when ?can't wait to see people going Poi poi poi with them
  11. Wish they woold let me in so I'd fill the spot
  12. Beta Codes

    I mistakenly applied for NA even though I live in Asia and they still didn't accept my application.I guess i should have applied in Asia more earlier