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  1. Kamikaze_Ace

    Preliminary Japanese tech tree changes

    won't there be Akagi,kaga or Shinano?
  2. Kamikaze_Ace

    IJN vs Kriegsmarine Ships

    IJN has larger fleet size than Kriegsmarine.Kriegsmarine didn't have much ships since Hitler believed in U-Boat tactics and he ordered the navy to make more U-boats instead of making new ships.So the match depends on weather U-boats are allowed to Participate or Not.Without U-boats and Subs,IJN may win cause they have better Battleships and they are more in number.But if U-boats come in,the fate of the match may be different .
  3. Kamikaze_Ace

    AniManga Chat :E

    April is ending,yet no release date of it :/
  4. Kamikaze_Ace

    Your Questions to Developers #1

    Will we be able to equip our main guns with anti air shells and shoot down enemy planes ?
  5. I received 2 codes,One worked and other didn't So I submitted a ticket to the support center
  6. Kamikaze_Ace

    Congrats to the Facebook winners in the Asia page

    okay thanks going in
  7. Kamikaze_Ace

    Congrats to the Facebook winners in the Asia page

    can you give me link to the support section?
  8. Kamikaze_Ace

    Congrats to the Facebook winners in the Asia page

    I won a code and got messaged accordingly.But One code worked and other didn't so my friend couldn't get win. according to comeptiong rules I should win 2 working codes right?but why did I code work and other didn't ?Please send me another working code cause according to the rule I should win 2 working codes
  9. Kamikaze_Ace


    Yori dori Midori Poi.Yare Yare Daze
  10. Hope Tirpitz will be non premium
  11. Kamikaze_Ace

    Fubuki ("Bucky") Overview

    Shiratsuyu-class destroyers when ?can't wait to see people going Poi poi poi with them
  12. Kamikaze_Ace

    Have they stopped letting people into the BETA?

    Wish they woold let me in so I'd fill the spot
  13. Kamikaze_Ace

    Beta Codes

    I mistakenly applied for NA even though I live in Asia and they still didn't accept my application.I guess i should have applied in Asia more earlier