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    Dockyard: the Rules Made Simple

    To whom it may concern at wargaming: Please consider the requirements in these directives and further consider whether it is humanly possible for your average gamer who are not spending 20 hours a day in your game. Furthermore if you drastically lower the amounts required to complete in these directives to human levels and you increase the pay outs of ship building tokens you may see a lot of this bad press evaporate. Also it would have been a good idea to announce all of this BEFORE going live and leaving all of us with the assumption that it would be a reasonable to do event based on previous viewings from Community Contributors. I was excited for this event and as someone who has played on and off since the Beta i had hoped to finally get my second tier 10 via this event until i saw the live server requirements. You need to drop the costs and requirements/targets in directives to humanly achievable levels, increase the time to complete by say a month or 3, offer refunds to those who were suckered in to paying 300 or so dollars to get this ship by paying premium currency and finally to offer a formal apology to the player base ASAP to see any of this blow over otherwise I hope you and yours have a nice holiday with your cash but you will not be seeing another dollar from me unless you drastically change course on this now. Signed A concerned gamer