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  1. I wonder if anyone know whether the reward, 25 every type of signal flag, includes the special signal flag? By the way, the narai operation is exhausting all of my signal flag:P
  2. As everybody knows,player in the Asia server come from a diversity of countries.And all man were created equal.Everyone should be equal respected as long as they respect others.Any racial discrimination will pose great threat to this principle.Besides,this is a war game.However,if a person's enthusiasm toward IJN ship becomes his enthusiasm toward militarism or fascism.It;s quite dangerous.So I strongly recommend a forever ban on those advocating racial discrimination,militarism,fascism no matter what language is used to convey this meaning. There is an example in the attach files. I hope the administrator can give me a formal reply to such behavior. Naming and shaming. Content edited, user warned. ~Syanda