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  1. started to play Cv's again Yeah its crazy, I was in my cola again just before, teir 8 CV, man its crazy trying to shoot those planes down!
  2. The aPOIcalypse is Here! Limited Titles!

    Conan, just a quick msg to say thanks mate
  3. When your finished painting and detailing make sure to post the finished piccys up
  4. well thought out post OP and a good read!
  5. what scale are those? they are like midget models cool little collection none the less tho
  6. Bismarck and Tirpitz preview!

    The lack of humor on this forum is astounding....
  7. Last days for blue liners

    The blue fiends are riding the blue monkey harder and longer than ever today! I counted 9 people in one game all on the blue line.... it was so bad it was funny!
  8. Bismarck and Tirpitz preview!

    6km plenty of range to keep those US DD's away
  9. Game too much of a grind

    I'm with ya, I miss my shippys!
  10. Really sad quality of teamplay...

    So many games..... Me "CV want AA support?" "YES! please" as the carrier is driving the the end of the known world" Sigh..... I tell ya Cvs are a lose lose for me, I hate getting unavoidable insta torped by em. ad then I cant even defend them!
  11. The aPOIcalypse is Here! Limited Titles!

    Fightin' Around the World with Russell Crowe Please
  12. me a Pensacola upgraded, and a Mogami... shooting at 2 groups of oncoming tier 9 bombers..... both groups dropped bombs, not a loss. this is both ships focus firing on one group.... gg Cv's and the fanboyz/girlz are in for treats down the track...... well sometime... lol we know WG works about as slow as civil works..... and well Serb needs his quote of tears
  13. this game needs a hell of a lot more work to get another cent from me and many others....... Game very stronk broken
  14. Really sad quality of teamplay...

    Dude its a tough call, many peeps wont sit and baby sit a carrier because either A they hate them with a fury or its because there is next to no XP from shooting down planes. and even then shooting the planes down before they launch.......