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  1. Coolies fella, I just chill when playing games and love the bants! but I can see your point on salt lol πŸ™‚
  2. Cheers for all the tips and banter πŸ™‚ I moved on so its no issue πŸ˜„ having fun on the dark side now, but it would be nice if WG did install a translation package, would solve a few easy to fix issues for communication, was a real shame admin were in the thread but had nothing to comment about shifting accounts tho, even a simple not on the horizon would have been cool Cheers πŸ˜„
  3. Ez going there PC principle bro, Wanting a game where you can communicate freely it's not a hate crime last time I checked, If WG installed a translation program I would have no issue at all. lol!
  4. Oh man, your lucky then, I find 99% of my matches don't have English speakers in them its either [content removed] or bot lol, its all cool just a shame its a great game but I'm shifting to thunder and hanging my account till offer account movement again, Just thought I would ask in case a mod might know if one was pending, rumor was it was the case, but there has been no sign of it. cheers for the reply Post edited. ~Beaufighter
  5. Hey guys and Admin, any clue if they will open up the window to shift out accounts to an English speaking server? 99% of my in game chat is [content removed] . I cant thank nor even read what is going on in chat,, it would be a nice change for many of is Kiwis and Aussies to be able to shift, and not have to restart our accounts. Cheers Incomprehensible. Post edited, user advised. ~Beaufighter
  6. The_Hess

    WG on bots

    sign reading all those posts at the start, and seeing soooooooooo many bot accounts, no wonder they dont offer us a chance to shift servers...... there will be only bots left!
  7. Hey team before I Del my account, cant deal with non English chatters anymore πŸ™‚ only so many box chat a person can put up with, and no real social chatting. Does anyone know if WG has a server shift coming up? or is it just a case of restarting on NA and giving/del this account away? Cheers guys! πŸ˜„
  8. Did Indonesia have a ww2 Navy?
  9. The_Hess

    I thought It was supposed to be "Light Cruiser"

    good sales pitch is sales pitch
  10. Hey guys, it might not just be me with luck lol, did any of you other players, get the PTS container rewards added to your accounts? Nada on this fence πŸ˜•
  11. The_Hess

    Dockyard 2.0

    Oh man if thats the case even better!! πŸ˜„
  12. The_Hess

    Dockyard 2.0

    A long time to finish the tasks, 3500dubs for a tier 6 and teir 8 prem ship with camos and a cptn, sign me up!!! cant wait πŸ™‚ I have the graf, so by the sounds we get silver for her. but none the less well done WG
  13. The_Hess

    That's How Top 10 Hakuryu Plays The Game!

    Been trying out high tier cvs on test server, to do this is ez, the skill needed to drop AP bombs on a ship is easy enough a blind monkey could do it lol Just remember peeps, stay and groups and "dodge" lol
  14. 8556 New Zealanders landed on the Gallipoli peninsula – of whom 7447 were killed or wounded, a staggering casualty rate of 87% But just like you guys, Anzac day is a big event and public holiday here in NZ dawn parades in every town/city.... this year people showed their support to those that were lost and or served in all wars by standing in their driveways at dawn this year due to lock downs/Corona
  15. cool event, super ultra shame the flag has nothing Kiwi about it tho, its just the Aussie rising sun and slouch hat..... 😞