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    good to know shame that carriers got shafted in the economy but i guess i can just play my DD to make some swift creds if i get a few bad runs in the carrier lol
  2. DrRez


    Soo i came back to this game not that long ago after playing for most of the CBT and its a lot of fun getting all the ships and enjoying the German battleships a lot but im a huge carrier fan i love playing the IJN carriers a lot and sometimes i play the american ones but what strikes me as odd is how little love the carriers get we have 1 premium carrier that is american and the game only wants to sell it to me when i have no doubloons now besides all the AA fun times you have to deal with and tier 8 carriers being put in tier 10 matches i can live with that and i have learned how to practice long range drops so all my planes don't die to crazy amounts of AA, how come we don't get more premium carriers? why don't we get some collectible carriers? and why are IJN dive bombers garbage can we at least get a INJ collectible/premium carrier? i dunno just seems strange we have some many premium DD's Cruisers and battleships but only 1 carrier it feels that as a carrier player i have very little to work for or look forwards to getting o and why is it when you do stupid amounts of work in a carrier you get bugger all credits? i dunno maybe its just me
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    Love Secret Santa

    i got 1 box and got 180 days of premium so i guess i cant complain seems most of the loot from the box's is worth the money
  4. DrRez


    probably most of them the hood might have had a weakness but so do all ships and if the other ship is lucky enough to land a hit on the weakness good chance you just die remember we are complaining about detonations but tbh could be worse a citadel hit is a shell hit to a vital part of the ship a lot of ships were simply destroyed because of magazine detonation and in this game that only counts as a citadel hit and dose not kill you our right so yeah could be way worse imagen if simply hitting the citadel under the turrets killed you compleatly or 100% disabled the gun and the guns next to it that would be more life like