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  1. poor old classic sharkbait, finally found after all those years
  2. One piece of advice, don't fall for the shark baits. It's been soaked in salt since the first boat went into water.
  3. Zao 填装时间是Des Moines的两倍,只有Minotaur比Des Moines快
  4. I like how you make a post about someone's bad behavior (which is pointless since this post won't do anything about it) just to show off your super ultra impressive combat performance noobs and bad players exist everywhere, judging by the games you've shown to everyone it seems like you should know that better than all of us already. If you wanna report them just do it. We don't really care if you do or not lol
  5. what the blin how
  7. Shouldn't it be the other way around, 12 guns with less accuracy but more shells and 8 shells for better accuracy edit: oops auto correct did weird stuff
  8. Waaaaa I almost forgot pls don't kill me QAQ you guys all know how this works by now, drop your salty experience from ranked down below and laugh at each other feel sorry for other people's crappy MM experience have fun salting :P
  9. Me: gets 8 kills and we still lose team pls
  10. So as most of you know, there's this video series made by WG to showcase great games on Youtube. I recently got an amazing match but I don't have the link to submit. If you have it please tell me :3
  11. I got 5 stars in the first game. The second time my team was potato :(
  12. You could get the Belfast to look good, or you can try to git gud Other ships are just for fun really Spent too much money on drones and stuff now I don't have monies
  13. umm, why is a T5 CV facing T8 AA? And what T8 CV has 8 TBs in a squad, please enlighten me with that information Alabama has less AA DPS than the North Carolina. It is a fact don't even try to argue with it. And no shit it rekt a DB squad with AA build what do you think
  14. love that sneeki breeki gif lmao
  15. Saipan needs buffs