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  1. Because it is offensive and the exact opposite of what trolling is. In case you don't know, trolling is NOT supposed to be offensive or racial in any way and the words that he used were offensive. And no I do not waste my time reading his other posts
  2. DM and Atago are my main money makers. Others are for fun and money but if I am in desperate need of cash I go to those two
  3. I like how your profile displays location :lul:
  4. And who are you to say that? Everyone deserves a fair chance in clan battles, good or not. They are not in your clan so what are you even mad about? If a noob goes in there it is his team that he lets down not you (I don't mean the OP is a noob just saying example) >Clan battles are only for quality clans k
  5. gib reload booster on DM pls for 60 sec duration of 0.1 sec reload *brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt*
  6. maybe you need to git gud learn to angle and dodge and stop sailing in a straight line
  7. if everyone in your team has good angling and shoots well and everyone charges in, it works. I've done it before (somehow the team cooperated lul) and we dominated the enemy team. Generally people are too scared to do it so it doesn't work
  8. someone is salty about something so little
  9. inb4 noob players get those T10 ships and go in clan wars inexperienced pls happen I would love to have noob enemies
  10. please do come and bomb my Des Moines
  11. 200,000 to increase to 100 bruh
  12. :HYPERLUL:
  13. start of the game: 7/10 selfish 3/10 team play since as long as you go to an objective it helps mid game 50/50 pretty simple late game: if team is winning with extremely minimal chance of losing, go all selfish since it won't matter. if team is losing and guarenteed loss just go selfish to maximise income. If team is losing but you can turn it around then do whatever it takes to get a win worked for me so far hue
  14. teach me pls I wanna do it also there was a video where a guy killed himself because his shells went upwards kappa
  15. baguette or vodka hue