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  1. Hey TC glad ur back 😄 *And hi guys it's been ages since I was here too* Russian BBs are... Bussian Rias, not much to say. Especially Kremlin
  2. FenrirApalis

    Kitty Purrfurst's Combat Missions

    Knew there would be someone to do the hard work for lazy me so I can just paste the code. Cheers mate
  3. Dying early all the time because it was fun to rush enemy ships and torping them Looked up people like iChase and Notser on YouTube and got gudder. Still a skrub but an okay skrub
  4. FenrirApalis

    Disciplinary action for being rammed?

    Wait, back then when they made killing an ally instantly pink they said "Except ramming" Because a 20HP ship can easily get themselves killed by ramming an ally for more than a couple of seconds
  5. FenrirApalis

    Things you'd like to see

    Agree, the replay system right now is not great and I wish for a better one The UI takes way too much processing power and it makes a ton of FPS difference... Also it takes like 30-40 seconds to load up contacts in game... Like wut
  6. FenrirApalis

    Curiouser and curiouser. Dunkirk op.

    I like it now they allow Farragut, the old ships had such pathetic AA values Man this is gonna hurt for the Luftwaffe
  7. Too much of a niche market... And most people watch from streaming sites instead of buying them like other shows on the net so they don't make that much money. Also it takes damn ages to animate those things... And the people who are interested in those generally dont have massive loads of cash to throw at the creators anyways. Also maybe cos FBI
  8. FenrirApalis

    Question about Alaska

    Cos it's a cool ship. I wanna have it, but only if it performs decently (not OP but not way too situational either)
  9. FenrirApalis

    Premium Account

    Yeah it's pretty annoying, since you can have problems irl such as important tasks that get assigned, power/internet outages, busy with other commitments etc. I prefer the boosters in a certain other game that I used to play, where your boosters are counted precisely to the second, and only when you are deployed in battle, it doesn't even tick when you are modifying loadout in the menu. Actually why not have something like that, boosters like XP bonus or credit bonus we can buy (That isn't flags, I know we have flags for that) and activate for say, a certain number of battles, for times where you wanna stack your ship with performance flags so you have no room for economic flags (e.g. Ranked, Clan Battles) I'd much rather have that than premium time since I know I will waste about 80% of the premium time
  10. FenrirApalis

    Too many Yamato's in ranked

    I am happy that there's a bunch of Yamatos sailing around tbh, juicy BBQ with the Wooster Although I'd love to see more Republiques around, since they are 32mm all over and I can do 6k per salvo consistently
  11. FenrirApalis

    Border humping not punished enough

    Not when they are doing it on purpose and is actively using it to drift side to side
  12. FenrirApalis

    Reconsidering the 155mm Mogami

    Spamming from 20km You deserve low damage
  13. FenrirApalis

    Reconsidering the 155mm Mogami

    Tbh Mogami has no chance of early game influence unless it's a super DD heavy game and it's top tier. High tier cruiser AP punish it too hard (speaking from the punishing side, legit my favorite ship to punish) and it really has to stay at max range and shoot and dodge and hope RNG doesn't send you back to port lol. Also answering sharkbait, yes shattered shells still have the same fire chance. Also if 203 isn't penning, you are aiming at the wrong places
  14. Nah dude I'm pretty sure my report about a DD that rushes 2 enemies and die for completely no reason and costing the match was justified
  15. FenrirApalis

    Border humping not punished enough

    Hitting it and turning away immediately is fine, but straight up rushing to it and sitting on it for most of the match is what should be punished