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  1. Rulings on getting new username?

    up to you dude, the current state of the internet is this: *person A* Typing... *person B* WTF DID U SAY TRIGGEREDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  2. if they bounce, chances are you are shooting too low. If you are shooting at a cruiser that is angled, aim for bow or superstructure If you are aiming at an angled BB, shoot superstructure or aim for their turrets to take it out. Unless it is T7 BB or lower then just aim for the bow and overmatch them (ahue) Use HE if you get into a brawl with much bigger ships that always remain angled, AP only if they broadside btw if you see a T6 BB make it cry using AP, it will almost never bounce
  3. Black Listed

    Just like blocking someone on a messaging system, you don't get their messages But you'll still get CV in your MM kappa Just use Murican ships or British ships or play Bussian Rias
  4. wait which mission asks for 25k commander XP nani
  5. CV dive bomber damage

    Citadel lul They need to start giving CV citadel ribbons when bombing the cits lol
  6. please try to talk in a reasonable and more easily understandable way Bismarck is fine in ranked, it depends on skill. A noob could take a Yamato into T8 ranked and die first
  7. Could be targeting another ship and shooting you instead, still gets the accuracy benefit I believe. I've done that a few times to trick people (I think)
  8. The meme of strangers

    eyyy remember me?
  9. A bench?

    still gonna be loud and hot tho
  10. About Izumo with hull C

    I had much better luck and RNG in hull A
  11. proposal for T10 french BB

    First Yamato salvo recieved: Critically damaged A Montana salvo comes in: both turrets destroyed Trying to be the torp: get's Conquered
  12. help needed

    I would have just photoshopped right away :thonk: Back to that old Chinese saying of telling someone to not do something but you literally reminded them to do it kappa *upvotes*
  13. 16 x 13inch guns

  14. USN Cruisers split

    I have a feeling in a certain part of my body that I cannot say on the forums right now