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  1. Ship Speed Control From Full To Stop In One Click

    Exercise your fingers more Kappa
  2. Remember it has 8 guns with a faster reload, meaning that you are kinda supposed to keep throwing crap at the enemy until they die, not your main goal to delete them first shot
  3. Was called out as a hacker =(

    When you club so hard they call you a hacker
  4. Queen Elizabeth problems - fires

    >Take flooding by every torp Sounds like you need to torpedobeat better kappa
  5. Can Republique kill YAMATO ???

    Cruiser shells can even do it at the right angles, of course it can
  6. Base ship Camo

    Clan divs for what tho, random? That means guaranteed win every match then. WG wants you to buy camo for a reason, they are trying to make money afterall. Emblems could be a cool addition tho
  7. My Steven Seagal captain

    You could always find a way to mod it I suppose
  8. How to play Pan Asia DD ?

    Yo guys chill have fun playing the T4, it is legit OP in many situations (good enough guns to kill other DD, sanic speed, surprise torps) T5 feels less powerful than T4, especially with the terrible reload and gun arcs
  9. Ocean is already the best port kapp I want a bathtub port
  10. My Art Corner

    Maybe add eyeballs to the shipgirls XD hollow eyes look a bit scary
  11. Problems in higher tier gameplay (Battleships)

    Change expert marksman to adrenaline rush, Bismarck don't really need expert marksman at 36 seconds for 180. Know when to get back and when to push, if you take too much fire get back a bit then go back and shoot stuff go look at the armour profiles of your potential enemies in the techtree and know where to shoot
  12. minimap ship icon become really small

    WG UI scaling is lol memes I wish we could gradually scale minimaps and stuff instead of set steps for them, it's in an awkward spot right now for me
  13. invasion of france 1940 Colourizedized

    Memed hard honhonhon
  14. WEB COMIC SERIES Iron & Blood

    Do you mean WEEB comic kapp
  15. Selling Normandie

    Yeah clan bonus displays as permanant, I've experienced the same. Maybe provide a screenshot here if you are still confused