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  1. Me: gets 8 kills and we still lose team pls
  2. So as most of you know, there's this video series made by WG to showcase great games on Youtube. I recently got an amazing match but I don't have the link to submit. If you have it please tell me :3
  3. I got 5 stars in the first game. The second time my team was potato :(
  4. You could get the Belfast to look good, or you can try to git gud Other ships are just for fun really Spent too much money on drones and stuff now I don't have monies
  5. umm, why is a T5 CV facing T8 AA? And what T8 CV has 8 TBs in a squad, please enlighten me with that information Alabama has less AA DPS than the North Carolina. It is a fact don't even try to argue with it. And no shit it rekt a DB squad with AA build what do you think
  6. love that sneeki breeki gif lmao
  7. Saipan needs buffs
  8. Anyone can use any shell that they want, as long as it works I've seen a Yamato fire HE at my Montana before ¯\_(ツ)_/¯​
  9. buff the playerbase
  10. "Muh... Muh historical accuracy!" ​Following your logic, the USN ships should all have constantly active radar, be able to launch massive air groups with the carriers and snipe from extreme range with radar guided guns
  11. I'm waiting for the crayons
  12. u see tovarisch it is trying to balans your OP wins
  13. may wanna cut the all caps out of your thread name... IJN: great HE for CA, don't touch the DDs only good non premium is Umikaze, BBs aree pretty good USN: MURICA! **** YEAH! Balanced firepower and protection although still lack survivability with the cruisers. DDs have gud guns and nice torps. BBs have nice guns and decent armour. AA is glorious KM: AP AP AP AP AP Russian: BIAS RN: Press T(ea) to kill enemies hiding in smoke (provided you're manly like Eurobeat and takes radar) or smoke for the lolz. Press repair to laugh at damage French: HON HON HON
  14. da, bad players would never improve. They belong in gulag )))
  15. winning is life dude, damage comes second