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  1. HumbleMumble

    When can I get my compensation?

    my dude, is 0.7.12 now, you have been using IE since then?
  2. HumbleMumble

    When can I get my compensation?

    recently there's no critical server issues that WG have to make an announcement to compensate for players and also there's nothing like "update compensation" only when you play on Public Test and you will get some rewards after the patch is released, that's all
  3. HumbleMumble

    When can I get my compensation?

    compensation for what? 🙄
  4. HumbleMumble

    750K free exp

    Musashi is gud, don't hesitate just buy her
  5. HumbleMumble

    Macbook trackpad instead of mouse

    consider buy a mouse and also install windows on your mac via bootcamp for better gaming experience
  6. HumbleMumble

    Operations Directive Four Grind

    buy 1 week of warship premium time for only 1k2 gold, it makes grinding much easier
  7. some Internet ISPs even block a certain number of global services so they can't run properly in their country, you might want to call yours to check about that.
  8. HumbleMumble

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    i did said "we can expect" tho, not try to confirm anything about future release plan here
  9. I just want that if there's an ongoing clan battles season we will be able to complete the daily mission chain with that battle mode as well
  10. HumbleMumble

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    don't know that yet, but if the CV rework going well and she already in the Blitz version so we can expect her appear in the PC version soon
  11. HumbleMumble

    Good News or bad news?

    Good news overall, since I build my captain skills for Krons litterally a BB build which focus on survivalbility, add on reduce fire signals then that not a big deal
  12. HumbleMumble


    I bought both Sushi and Krons by FE, and used coal only for Salem
  13. HumbleMumble

    Regarding User Bonuses

    All of it
  14. HumbleMumble

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Wichita will gonna be the first tier 8 steel ship?
  15. a nerf on her secondaries might come real soon