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    Skill point compensation for "Situational Awareness"

    it is WG style They ask us take it or leave it. I would leave it this time. The most annoying is what they explained: We believe that this approach takes the favorable middle ground for most of our players. It prevents you from having to re-apply skills to a lot of commanders, which is a tedious process that can lead to mistakes and regrets (this was the feedback you gave us after the last full skill drop). Pls be honest you just don't lose chance to let players pay to reset captain skill. If reset tier one level only is so difficult to their programming team. Most simply, best, fair to players & customer friendly - is a full reset. But They don't Actually, even though it is a full reset. I would still re-apply the 11th -14th skillpoint. and still pay to reset after I get my 15th point. They don't lose any potential income. If it is wrong re-apply made by my own mistake, No grumble for pay to reset. I would pay for what I want, but not pay for what be forced as treated as a idiot. Now WG lose chance to earn more potential since player is gone. Thank WG. you help me abstain pay for online game
  2. carlostamama

    Skill point compensation for "Situational Awareness"

    player who have extra point(e.g the 11th skill point) for extra 1st tier skill, they can get back 1 skill point after the 0.5.9 update. the skill combo is what they want. player who have no extra point would be forced to get BoS. (or spend some money to change it) Both kind of players spend same 10 point, but why someone have been forced to use the skill they don't like in the PVP game? is it a kind of unfair in between players what made by the game developing team? If no full reset, I would rather no free Situational Awareness = every one chose by their own decision
  3. We have been informed full skill reset in last announcement Quoted (Edited) Unquoted Non English, Post Edited, User Warned. ~lengxv6
  4. WG, I don't mind it is no full skill reset, but why don't you reset 1st-tier only?(& can't take upper tier before retake 1st-tier) or let players can use doubloon reset 1st-tier only is it so difficult to realize it in game? Don't dreaming that you can get more money from the players for doubloon skill reset. They would just leave this game when they feel be treated unfairly, like me.
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    這樣一說, 好像有數場開DD, 開光後, 已逃至隱身了不短時間了, 而且轉了方向, 炮是向已轉了的方向打.... CBT V0.3.1 時就確認是禁此類Aim MOD的了吧。 "任何非官方的模組只要會帶給使用玩家額外的優勢或是影響到遊戲公平性,均視為違規模組。我們會將您的資訊轉達給開發部門檢視討論,並盡快做出相對應的措施。" 即使單只是前量插件, 也是違規。
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    如何想? 決定現在起不課金, 直至有公平的解決。之前花錢轉自由經驗的我原來是個傻子。 課金客都給趕跑。 如全部人都給X5000, 會課金的人有此X5000自由經驗, 你怕他們不課金買銀幣船位。甚至原不課金的都開始課金了, 轉危為商機呀,WG。
  7. carlostamama


    制空mod 那隊空中殺艦力也是低呀 制空CV vs 制海CV時 經常是被對方BB/CA/CL/DD追殺, 先死掉。 之後就是制海CV屠對方BB的時間, 到時沒艦戰也沒有問題。 太小分房變化, 遊戲趣味就難以維持較長時間, 多想戰術吧。 多數是跟大隊一起, 利用大隊AA, 跟大隊一起殺前面的敵艦, 縮短空中被艦戰追殺的時間。縮短大隊追殺對方CV時間。
  8. carlostamama


    T10是BB世界 還嫌DD不夠弱嗎? 跟真實數據, 沒次填裝填裝置的DD都死得。島風就只15發。 實際魚雷一發也可轟沉大戰艦, 而且酸素魚雷應比美DD的空氣魚雷更快更猛更難被發現 應是要改強日DD每發雷的威力, 再跟史實戰一樣的BB/DD數量比例, 再說限魚雷數量 那BB(及所有船的 一發修好進水/火災也要砍。 只說 game balance 應砍T10BB才對