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    If the "one team attack/one team defends" turns out to be too hard to balance the obvious thing to do would be to make the gamemode symmetrical - both teams have smaller convoys that they have to defend. Perhaps each team would have to defend a series of carriers full of ground troops/tanks/whatever and get it to the enemy's island? That'd be a pretty cool idea. If the current suggesting goes through though, I'd imagine they would have to tweak the way AA works to give a more concrete defence against torp bombers; maybe give a boost to AA defences when they're around convoys? Carriers should be made aware that they need to help the team deal with AA-capable ships before they can smash the convoy up with torps and dive bombers. I think this gamemode should encourage thoughtful defensive gameplay rather than the mode devolving into either AAAAAAAAAAA KILL THE OTHER GUYS or just bumrushing the convoy and hoping you can do enough damage to it before everyone dies.
  2. They're having some more on the same page soon, I think most of the codes will be given out via Facebook and twitter so you should check both regularly. Good luck ^_^
  3. UggBoot

    Congrats to the Facebook winners in the Asia page

    I think we'll have at least a few more weeks of CBT ahead of us, since o7 did say they're having more giveaways soon. I'm kinda scared of the supposedly cancerous community but I think that's partially why they're giving out codes in pairs - there seems to be heaps of people giving up entirely because soloQ is so frustrating in such a team-oriented game :3
  4. UggBoot

    Open Beta or CBT invite warning

    I think most of the invite giveaways and such are happening either on Twitter or on Facebook. I'd recommend checking the latter at least every day, that seems to be where most of the giveaways are at and they're almost definitely having more soon. Good luck guys, may the odds be ever in your favour ^_^
  5. UggBoot

    player base is going bad really quick

    Language barriers aside, I'd also think that the way you're communicating with your team can influence your team's behaviour either way. The only player whose input to the team you can directly influence is yourself, but clarifying exactly what you plan to do and being generally positive can change how people react to you charging into battle. I can't say it works on everyone but it's definitely something to be aware of - don't blame your team, look for ways *you* can encourage them to be better players. (I haven't actually played yet but I'm speaking from my LoL experience, the soloQ of which is just as horrible :L)
  6. UggBoot


    One possible idea I could see working (to some degree) would be if subs were controlled by a carrier-esque ship. Choosing where to put mines, using subs like bombers, maybe having divers sabotage enemy ships? Maybe friendly sub carriers could put mines that destroy enemy subs should they get too close, turning the whole battlefield into a personal game of minesweeper between two sub carriers? It has some issues with gameplay interactivity - you could either have alarms to indicate if enemy subs were nearby or have a powerful depth charge that kills any subs in the vicinity Having both would be unfair to subs and having only one would be either useless (you can see em but you cant kill em) or just bad gameplay design (spam depth charge whenever it's off cooldown and hope RNG grants you a kill) I would love to see subs in this game but providing interactive gameplay with "normal" ships would be too difficult. :c
  7. The idea about first half gaining more xp might encourage people to rush for kills rather than follow a potentially more effective, yet slower advance. Sounds silly but you have to take into account the kinds of people who skip intro videos ^^ The only issue I can see with the autopilot is torps using the autopilot's predictability to land cheap shots while the player doesn't have direct control of steering. In addition to the sea mines/hp loss, perhaps the penalty could not be applied if the ship isn't accelerating away from the battlefield? Say, for example, if you're tunnelling someone and you cross the line, if you're actively turning back towards the combat zone the punishment could be lessened or not applied until they stop trying to "correct" their alignment. This could still be abused to some degree but at least that still gives the player some control over whether they need to stop turning for a few seconds if the alternative is them dying to torps anyways.
  8. The URLs of the pages you linked are WorldOfWarshipsPH, the contest we just won have the URL with WorldOfWarshipsANZ. Most likely, the first is for the Philippines region and second is for the Aus/New Zealand region. It's also an officially verified page, so I doubt it's fake.
  9. Frosty, I did get your message but the error comes up when I try to respond. :/
  10. Hey guys, I'm in the same boat (eheh), and an idea just occurred to me. If you try to compose a new inbox message it says "you must have 10 messages to post or 30 days from registration". This could be a (mis)translation of "you have to have been registered for 30 days or have posted 10 messages in the forums for inboxing to become available"? Seems pretty stupid but just in case I'm going to get 10 messages onto the forums. Better safe than sorry, I reckon!