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  1. Hero_of_Zero

    CV dive bomber damage

    Max Bogue bomb damage is 7500 so It's possible. The cruiser probably has low armor. The Langley bomb is 5400 damage btw.
  2. Hero_of_Zero

    CV dive bomber damage

  3. Hero_of_Zero

    T6/7 vs Musashi

    MM use the highest tier in the division to put you in match. If you don't want your tier 6 to face tier 9. Don't division with tier 7. If Musashi got Restricted Match Making, what's the point of being tier 9 and face tier 8-10 all the time
  4. Hero_of_Zero

    CV squad's take-off order

  5. Hero_of_Zero

    If I like ARP Takao...

    Takao is Atago that... Cannot equip camo. Does not receive xp or credit boost. Repair cost also higher. Blue.... Unless you want the credit and xp that badly, you already have an Atago.
  6. Hero_of_Zero

    Fan translation of Puka Puka Fleet Comic!

    Wow. Why didn't I found this sooner. Thanks you so much.
  7. Hero_of_Zero

    Nice work WG

    Also got an Ishizuchi on NA. I played a minimum of 10 battles so I can post on the forum, didn't play since. My highest tier is tier 3 Wicker (Which I played 1 co-op game). And they gave me tier 4 BB. ...get a feeling so complicated. I don't benefit much. I don't plan to play on NA anyway. Some people who play and didn't get any are...pissed. LWM verdict on the ships is Gudbote... So let play some.
  8. Hero_of_Zero

    Quesstion About Premium Ships

    It doesn't have to be Kaga. Just any premium ship is fine. Any tech tree that you already fully research is also fine. But in both case. You will have to convert xp to free xp using real money. If you think you can play Kaga or any premium then using that xp to research tech tree freely, you are wrong.
  9. Hero_of_Zero

    DDs detection in 'new' smoke mechanic

    What ship were you in? As I understand you should not be detect from 6-7 km as a dd. No matter what you do (Unless radar) Unless there's a ships 3-4 Km near you and he didn't fire so you didn''t detect him
  10. Hero_of_Zero

    Help with getting the Vampire

    You have to reach level 12 in Service Record to start doing any mission and challenge. After that you can keep track in mission tab in upper left of your port. I must commend you for provided needed confirmation to sort this out. Not many guy take time to look at their service record BTW once you reach level 12 you can do it in co-op if it make in faster.
  11. Hero_of_Zero

    what's this karma ?

    It's a system where player can compliment or report each other. You play good, your team compliment you and karma goes up. You play bad your team report you and karma goes down (Won't do down below 0). It getting hilarious because enemy will report you for playing good and may compliment you for playing bad.
  12. Ahh. But my most interest point in the patch is...
  13. Hero_of_Zero

    About Ryujo

    If you ask about plane reserve then yes.
  14. Hero_of_Zero

    are tier 5 CV will meet tier 6 or 7 battle?

    Tier 4 CV face up to tier 5 Tier 5 CV face up to tier 6 Tier 6 CV use to face tier 8 iirc. But now they only face up to tier 7.