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  1. Debauchery_1

    Furutaka, a basic guide

    Thanks for the advise
  2. Debauchery_1

    cruise missile

    i don't think that missile will work in this game tho :3
  3. Debauchery_1

    information about gift ship for CBT

    Ohh please give me DDs!= ̄ω ̄=
  4. Debauchery_1

    What is this?!

    Well there is no such thing as ALT in real battle  ̄ω ̄
  5. Debauchery_1

    Oh the lag

    I'm 1Mbps and everything's seems to be fine for me
  6. Debauchery_1

    Drop Anchor as an Active Skill

    So someone who has watched the movie battleship wanna try some new action in WoWS huh? I will say a NO for this coz it will ruin the game balance as the DD ‘s torps will be evaded with a sudden stop
  7. Debauchery_1

    spotting system

    Bad vision ?crew cant see them in the smoke
  8. Debauchery_1

    Game too lag after update

    So if i leave my vSync on and download this to x2 (20-30fps x 2)i ll gain back my normal fps(55-60)?
  9. Nope it won't, but if storm weather when I'm battling, i m toasted
  10. Debauchery_1

    ANZAC Day

    Sorry sir
  11. Debauchery_1

    ANZAC Day

    sorry but game still downloading i m 1 Mbps internet user so it may take sometime to finish it ( started downloading at about 9 p.m. yesterday and it's now 97% )
  12. Debauchery_1

    ANZAC Day

    Salute !
  13. Debauchery_1

    Poor Kongo...

    That's a bit of too much torpedoes O_O
  14. Debauchery_1

    Public Release Of World Of Warships

    lol sad case but just keep waiting and keep calm Patient is vital