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  1. Dawn_Hika

    Bot CV matches on Co-op with no human CV

    Well tbf I'm not complaining complaining about EXP gain or anything. I do coop just to complete the more annoying mission to complete in randoms because, well, I'm kinda bad at completing missions. And it would be nice if those can be done faster. Though idk how fast your team goes in crossing the map to get all those "at most 10 minutes" games.
  2. So well, uh, can we just remove those? It makes brawling less fun, denying you of getting spotting ribbon and whatnot, and more importantly making the game time longer by making you chase them till the edge of the map just to sink them
  3. Dawn_Hika

    When does "Go Navy" Competition start?

    So it's not directly after maint? The wording isn't clear tbh since it's written When you log into the game after Update 0.7.7 hits the servers, you'll be prompted to select the team you'll play for in the website. Edit : Or I guess I'm just bad at reading since i read "(on the day) (after the update is released)" instead of "(on the day after) (the update is released)"
  4. Dawn_Hika

    Update 0.6.8 Feedback

    My game crashed after playing the game for a while after this patch. Tried disabling all mods but it didn't help. Here's the error code
  5. Dawn_Hika

    Why is everyone skipping/hating HMS Emerald?

    Oh yeah she is a very good and generous ship, giving free EXP whenever I deleted her. Maybe you should play her in a mode that's not co-op before you say anything about her.
  6. Dawn_Hika


    Spare my craptop. I need to use the compressed texture mod if I were to play a "good guy" DD because I will get stuck in the loading screen while the game already starts otherwise. Also thanks
  7. Dawn_Hika


    I thought it's a delta value so it will display a positive regardless
  8. Dawn_Hika


    Several weeks ago it was 21 and now it stays at 21. Dunno which way my points turn but eh How is that even possible? haxor
  9. Dawn_Hika


    So I got my first (and maybe last) solo warrior while racking up exp before the upcoming nerf But then this happens The high seas sure is salty, eh? Good thing those Karma points don't have any meaning for now, or have they?
  10. Dawn_Hika

    3 ships as a division you fear the most?

    Karlsruhe, Myogi, Krispy Kreme on own team In a tier 7 match
  11. Dawn_Hika

    500 DB Plus sneak peek of the new German BB.

    Ooh. 19th right? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  12. Dawn_Hika

    Play with Friends!

    .... Why do i grind USN BB line again? I could just use this and make a single ID solely for that line. But I've reached NC _(:37L)_
  13. Dawn_Hika

    NC secondary or AA build

    I don't think NC has secondaries that good to go for secondary build
  14. Dawn_Hika

    0.5.5 Rumours/News

    And here I am wondering if my potato toaster can handle those updates
  15. Dawn_Hika

    Gnevny's 2nd Module

    well i don't like playing bad games where i can't enjoy the ships so...