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  1. Tankofsky

    [Channel] WoWS Malaysia Network

    Yep I'm going to an English server on release. (Content Removed) Allusions of racial supremacy. Post edited, user sanctioned LenGXV6
  2. Tankofsky

    Different language in private message

    Yep i'm going to a purely English server on release
  3. Tankofsky

    6 Kill Kongo x2 Speed Video

    Not too bad dude. You looked top tier but still good work.
  4. Tankofsky

    Toxic behaviour

    Sorry but U all missing the issue. There is bad communication in the teams because half the dudes are not English. This is why the frustration. I'm think of going to an English player server on release.
  5. Tankofsky

    can i refund the premium package

    In hindsight i'd like a refund. Too many don't speak English.
  6. Tankofsky

    Trans-language Communications and Spectating

    [content removed] Allusions of racial supremacy. Post edited, user already sanctioned. ~amade
  7. Tankofsky


    I'm not able to play this game yet, i'm waiting. But i did notice one flaw in the logic. Everyone assumes that subs won't get to an engagement on time ....... that assumes subs spawn with the fleet ......... I'll leave it at that, i have played 40k games of wot (6 accounts) and would love to try this out ......