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  1. thanks m8, I am a fool with monkey brain and I forgot to log-on again. problem solved, sir!
  2. Greetings to fellow captains(or admirals)! I bought Gremyashchiy on gift shop and got a receipt on my e-mail. according to the gift shop I shall get an access to CBT when I buy it, but with a few minutes of search I just can't find the way to reach it. where can I find the client?
  3. Wodybiedny

    [CONTEST] Ocean Mine Sweeper #6

  4. agree. maybe they have server problem or something. hopefully they announced that they're preparing for the next code batch.
  5. they twitted 9 min before that they're sending codes. maybe I should wait for a day once more.
  6. That made my blood tempered again. thx chap.
  7. Wodybiedny

    WWII naval movies

    Under Siege? which Under siege?
  8. no one at all? maybe u guys are getting fun of downloading WOWS clients and giggling... I understand.
  9. Wodybiedny

    World of Warships Mods

    great works. hope I could apply it.
  10. Wodybiedny

    How to use DP guns?

    so, no manual operations for DP guns at all?
  11. Wodybiedny

    Code announcement When do?

    It has began friend! but no one says 'I got one'.
  12. Wodybiedny

    Wait For Another Chance to play WOW'S

    waiting makes my butt really sweat
  13. I think I wasn't lucky enough to get one... is there anyone got luck?
  14. Wodybiedny

    Need beta key. Pleasee

    Give me your extra beta key after giving the key to the guy in front of me, plz. thank you and god bless you.