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  1. OzricBarnacles

    No rewards after event

    I have played 6 Halloween events and only 3 gave the reward page at the end. We just had a division of 4 obtain 4 stars and none of us got the rewards - or even the summary page. Our ships were available to use straightaway with no cost. Anyone else seeing this?
  2. I am with BuckleUp - I like the somewhat fast paced nature of the game as it fits in well with family life, but with a good chunk of strategy as well. Nothing better than working with team mates, Cruisers clearing out the DDs, DDs laying down smoke, BBs positioned well to tank some damage - and a decent sprawl of tactics really help, I was totally crap in the Amagi until I learnt to play her like the drunk at a party - all over the place, causing trouble at every opportunity.......what a good feeling it was to start getting some good games with her. My latest journey with Izumo has been similar. And I don't mind getting smashed by a player that knows exactly how to play their ship and hit me where it hurts, but I do mind getting wrecked when I am just with a fleet of captains who are just aimless.
  3. OzricBarnacles

    M Y O G I

    I actually re-bought the Myogi recently as I always found it quite fun and pretty solid.
  4. OzricBarnacles

    Make warship last longer..harder...

    Totally agree that skill based MM is needed. Two thirds of games are hugely unbalanced and they are not fun to be in, on either side. The close games are awesome.
  5. I had quite a few good games until trying with the Iowa and each game was dismal - it was the green team vs pro team every time and after 5 games I switched it off, before the keyboard went through the monitor. I watched a Zao captain totally abandon a Montana and leave it to get burnt to death by a DD whilst also getting hit by a Missouri. I was virtually screaming at the Zao to get back into the fight.....which he did, after the Montana was sunk and then proceeded to get sunk himself. The quality of teamwork seemed to be the issue. I do wish the Match Making could balance out the teams based on some skill level though - those close games are always the most fun.
  6. The earlier comment on CAs going for BBs rather than DDs is so often the case. I don't blame them but it makes BB life harder when cruisers refuse to help clear out the DDs......the amount of times I have been in a good BB v BB slug match and had an enemy DD take advantage whilst my cruiser friendlies happily watch my die without assisting. Perhaps there should be a XP bonus against the ships you SHOULD be hitting - might encourage more team work?
  7. OzricBarnacles

    High Tier Battleship Rebalance

    I don't pretend to be a master of the mechanics but I do know that since the NC got buffed and since I got pass the 100 battles in her, things came together nicely. I am only at the Iowa (researched but not enough credits) because I have been playing the NC a lot more of late. My epic fails are usually only when a DD has got into a good position and torp'd me - but that's fair dinkum.
  8. OzricBarnacles

    High Tier Battleship Rebalance

    Very interesting read, especially as I am about to get the Iowa. I have been much more mobile with the NC of late and I have much more fun games in it - the bow on tactic is just a bit boring, I tend to be moving from very average games to either epic fun or epic failure.
  9. OzricBarnacles

    A and D Rudder Lock

    It was the keyboard - swapped out and all good! Thanks
  10. OzricBarnacles

    A and D Rudder Lock

    I'll try a different keyboard - swap over the one from the PC that works so that's a good (and obvious I should have thought of that) suggestion. So yes, it's the steering that is effected - it just locks if you steer for a period of time in one direction - so the behaviour I would almost expect with Q and E. If still no good, I'll delete the xml file and see. Thanks for the help
  11. OzricBarnacles

    A and D Rudder Lock

    Hello, Whilst using A and D I notice that quite often the rudder locks in the direction I am turning - I have to then press either A or D again to unlock. Sticky keys are turned off, I have even moved the Q and E keys so I know I am not hitting those keys instead. I have recently reinstalled the game from scratch to see if it goes away but it hasn't. Any ideas? Oddly, it used to do it on my main PC but seemingly stopped - this is my second, lower spec PC. Both Windows 10.
  12. OzricBarnacles

    Rant before quit

    This game is 100% NOT pay to win. I've dropped a minimal amount of cash on the game (not by choice) but have a good spread of ships up to tier 8 and here's the thing - I have the same amount of fun at Tier 3 as I do Tier 8. Wonderful game and had enormous entertainment value (and some frustration value too!)