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  1. DollFace

    Super/over powered Torpedo's

    DD has a great damage but very little defense. spraying it creepy
  2. hmph... we are got the same problem here.
  3. DollFace


    still waiting
  4. gezzz.... Rushmod... be patient and don't publish your personal information !
  5. DollFace

    Code announcement When do?

    nobody know..
  6. DollFace

    What is the famous nation in WOW'S?

    okay. let's us agains thats aliens..
  7. lol.. sir yes sir..
  8. DollFace

    [Channel] WoWS Malaysia Network

    well. that's interesting. i'm from indonesia too. but i'm still waiting for invitation key. nice too met you all !!!
  9. japanese battleship is the bigger battleship in WWII. <3 Yamato & Musashi