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  1. chnet

    April Fools

    Didn't they make a video suggesting we'll have battlefield on space, targeting online for 4/12?
  2. chnet

    April Fools

    Actually POI is famous Apache made library named "Poor Obfuscation Implementation" for read/write MS Office files.
  3. chnet

    April Fools

    Actually that's a way to test the translation module without actually do UI translation to other languages. (I've watched a few gameplay lives, but they all use English UI, so cannot determine whether the UI has been localized or not)
  4. chnet

    Friendly fire? RAGE QUIT!

    Always nice to see the TK-ers die.
  5. chnet


    封測通常會持續至主要的功能都加上了和主要的bug都清掉. 因為遊戲未正式開始營運時每一天都在燒錢, 在清次要的bug時同時公測可以讓燒錢有效率一些. 我不是相關人士, 但預估大概會在最後一次實裝追加的功能(例如最近很多人談論的天氣效果那些)後大約一至兩個月吧.
  6. chnet

    Suggestion for a new Game Mode: "Escort"

    Why not, it's very common for games to give NPC special advantage to compansate it's inferior AI, in order to make the gameplay worthwhile. IMO, in all kinds of game where AI controlled enemy is involved, they're always getting some kind of buffs. Btw, I wonder if the developers can add some mechnics like pushing away effect if a ship is hit by torps, or makes two ships collide if they sail to the same direction and sailling too close. Adding small details like that can provoke more kinds of tactics.
  7. chnet

    Suggestion for a new Game Mode: "Escort"

    I suppose we can disable torp for all players entering the game, or wait until some anti-torp mechnics (even NPC-only is okay) added to the game, or make the NPC version of ship gain special resistance against torp so the damage will be no different then AP/HE attacks.
  8. chnet

    Thought about amphibians

    Amphibian Amphibious troops... Oops. I should have had checked the words before I post Landing is also important part of navy warfare. Given we already have planes from aircraft carriers, I think this is something possible to be included. Okay, I'll admit that I want to see battleships bombarding land objects like coastal barrack or even harbours
  9. chnet

    Thought about amphibians

    Does WG have any thought of making quest about covering NPC controlled carriers with amphibian troops landing? Just battle between ships can be boring when played for a long time, introducing other elements enriches the gaming experience.
  10. Btw, camping is valid strategy... Or do you think you'll be happier if WG modify the game so any players camping outside capture point more than 30 seconds will be kicked out of the game?
  11. chnet


    事實上這論壇並沒有進行中文化, 那只是你的錯覺. 不過是論壇本身用Unicode儲存資料所以也容許你用中文發文, 而站長就開一個版面方便不同語言的玩家發文集中起來吧.
  12. chnet


    Yeah. British battleships are always one of the strongest in the world (especially by the time of WWI and WWII). I'd certainly think it missed something if they're not included in the gameplay.
  13. chnet


    那麼... 想要+1.
  14. chnet

    incorrect email or password ?

    Make sure you login though the website you register. Btw, I have similar problem for the "submit application" link on developer's blog, it only works if your account creation is on North America server (Notice the redirected link starts with na.wargaming.net). I do hope they can place the link for other server though