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  1. Does anyone notice that there are auto correction on aiming? It is not about cheating things, that is done in game and done by the official game system For example, in the screenshot, if the enemy is 4.9km far from you and going toward you, even you are trying to not aim at her water line, the final bullet contact point is still less then 4.9km and much closer than you expect, that may cause the final result is all bullet fall on water line and get 0 damage That is not I want, I don't want to have such system correction which affect my tactical aiming In the past, auto correction is always exist, but WG change the logic and parameter somethings like that without noticing and option for player to controll I strongly suggest WG could announce more detail about what they have done and create a option to let player choose the interrupted level of aiming correction Hitting the position where not the place you aiming is totally not fun hope WG would listen
  2. Nightmare_of_Solomon_poi


    暴風雨是用來搞玩家的嗎? 界面看起來又難看又辛苦 每個人的砲都是亂歪的, 看起來活像小朋友打架 早年一直說這遊戲的RNG影響玩家的技術發揮, 現在意見聽不進不單止還搞多個暴風雨大大加強RNG要素 有技術的玩家看著砲被RNG歪掉, 是要把有技術的玩家都趕走, 把全部玩家都變到沒技術的級數, WG才滿意嗎?
  3. Nightmare_of_Solomon_poi


    更新一下, LASTO不知為何很快就改了名, 目前叫Q_S_W Quick Speed War https://clans.worldofwarships.asia/clans/gateway/wows/clan-profile/2000015362 連名字都說了他們是甚麼公會 附一張垃圾bot 日山圖
  4. Nightmare_of_Solomon_poi


    我找到一個公會, 入面一堆名bot, 還鎖了很多戰績欸, LASTO: https://clans.worldofwarships.asia/clans/gateway/wows/clan-profile/2000015362 現在的bot控制者都囂張到開公會圍爐的?
  5. Nightmare_of_Solomon_poi


    我才剛打完一場TX, 兩個天城都是bot MEQBY https://worldofwarships.asia/zh-tw/community/accounts/2020746539-MEQBY/!/pvp/overview/ cyzxsjh https://worldofwarships.asia/zh-tw/community/accounts/2020777689-cyzxsjh/!/pvp/overview/ 一場兩個bot要怎玩啊? 他們已經不是來測試腳本, 根本是在大量生產然後拿去賣吧?
  6. Nightmare_of_Solomon_poi


    官方要不要管一下? 再這樣下去這遊戲就不用玩了 舉例說這玩家, 2018年6月14日創號, 到8 月3日打了3600場, 一天打上70場, 一般玩家根本不可能做到, https://worldofwarships.asia/zh-tw/community/accounts/2020412723-Oooceanus/!/pvp/overview/ 即使他是真人, 他的打法只是開場往前衝, 極速死了就換船, 這玩法完全影響其他同隊玩家好嗎? 目前懲罰AFK的機制處理不了他們, 而且那對他們根本不痛不癢, 你罰他們10場, 他一天可是能打70場好嗎? 官方請嚴重正視這問題
  7. Nightmare_of_Solomon_poi


    In Game name: Nightmare_of_Solomon_poi
  8. Nightmare_of_Solomon_poi

    ASIA Q&A, round 2

    Hello sub, What I want to ask is still any improvement plan for MM? Today i play a game with 3-men team in T8, what i got is the team has to fight with 3 T9 DD and 2 T8 DD with 5 T8 DD Is that still fair? The different between two team's total sum of tier is 4lv but isn't WG claim usually between 2 tier?
  9. Nightmare_of_Solomon_poi

    ASIA Q&A, round 1

    Hello, Sub. I want to have few questions about the game mechanism. Is that we have a chance to know more about the unknown data about ships in game, such as the accelerate , angular speed or the penetration power of bullets ?
  10. Nightmare_of_Solomon_poi

    [CONTEST] Ocean Mine Sweeper #2