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  1. YamatoPendragon

    Ask for Forum Rank/Title Change here! Limited Chance!

    thanks you conan-sama
  2. YamatoPendragon

    Ask for Forum Rank/Title Change here! Limited Chance!

    "silichan-desu" thanks Conan
  3. YamatoPendragon

    Halloween boss's secondary armament

    Please wait until the event is held specifically for Asia server
  4. YamatoPendragon

    Will the flag bundles ever come back?

    Can it be used for decoration
  5. YamatoPendragon

    is that 0.5.1 patchnote really accurate?

    you can to test server is open today to play versions 0.5.1
  6. YamatoPendragon

    No halloween premium ships in asia server?

    nothing to worry about because we also have the patience that other servers can not
  7. YamatoPendragon

    Is this a premium ship ?

    a ship is used to check before launching the whole technology tree
  8. YamatoPendragon

    Amagi is too weak in tier 8 BB?

    you are saying what the hell. Amagi is the best battleships tier 8 with extremely high precision and aa gun system is not bad, but you say it weaker, I played through Amagi and I felt it was great
  9. YamatoPendragon

    matchmaker 10/10

    CBT is very popular in this
  10. YamatoPendragon

    Cannot connect to server

    try restarting your modem into the game and then wait for the results
  11. YamatoPendragon

    Looking for a new .GIF for my signature banner

    I think you should find the mod
  12. YamatoPendragon

    What's so bad about the Ranger ?

    not everyone hate Ranger, then surely the reason they do not like to confront many of the FT squadron of Japanese aircraft carriers
  13. YamatoPendragon

    How to play the Ibuki

    I also consecutive defeat with this ship
  14. YamatoPendragon

    Aim Bot cheat

    This kind of mod recently returned, but it is no longer works well as versions of CBT
  15. YamatoPendragon

    Another special advantages for Premium ships?

    premium ships usually weaker than the vessel of the same level