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  1. My playstyle is a bit different from general opinion so please use this only as reference and not as a sure-guide... At first you will have difficulty with the stock torps, and that's why usually you'd want to pile up free exps to get the 10km torp module... higher tiers need longer time to reload their torps and slower speed so the general rule of thumb is to not spam a salvo if they're farther than 8 kms <unless you know they'll hit>, ... I find her guns to be more accurate than Minekaze; still, use them only in DD vs DD engagement... Always keep your distance from larger ships; contrary to what people generally says, <never> use the wide spread torpedo against larger ships when you're more than 6 kms away (yes, this means generally you never use it at all in a round). The trick is to use the white line as guideline, and launch once to where you guess they'll sail to and once a bit farther or closer, depending on the situation and their bearings... So when to use wide spread? - Sabotaging a convoy of 3 or 4 large ships led by a cruiser - Sealing an escape route - Engaging DD in close combat Against BBs - lone BBs are your main prey, you see one nearby, close in and aim for a kill. White line is usually reliable. Against cruisers - you can aim for a hit, but don't expect a kill, unless they have less than 60% HP. don't expect a hit if you're launching torpedoes according to the white line, you always have to see their bearings. Against DDs - if you're spotted by an enemy DD, use your guns only, if you're forced to use your torpedoes - only use one set at a time, both wide spread... Like Retia said, IJN DDs' guns are actually very reliable once you've learn how to aim fast and perfectly. Don't see the generally lower RoF as a weakness, instead use the delay between each salvo to check your surroundings while performing dodging maneuvers. unlike Minekaze, it's more difficult for Mutsuki to flee from combat in ambush scenarios, so once you're closing in for an ambush keep this mindset; do it with might, definitely aim for killing, don't bail midway, you'll die anyway if you fail so you have to succeed...
  2. Oh another open letter thread, lemme try... wait! Despite this and that, I'm still having fun in WoWs...
  3. Blackrag

    if not able to destroy torpedoes then solution

    Let me try explaining: Implementing 'Freezing' time into an online game of this genre is impossible, have you ever seen any First Person Shooter with Slow Motion in online session? Of course you haven't. That's because when someone is 'freezing', everybody else in the game is freezing too and while it help you (since you're the one who's being attacked), it's annoying when your friends are in Slow Mo and you have to wait for them finishing their input. A normal 20 minutes game would be dragged for like 1 hr. Next, two or more ships attacking you from both sides - it can't be helped, if you're in a large ship, you are most likely doomed, you can't have a big ship with large HP pool while having swift movement that allows you to dodge all torpedoes; you are built to take damage, whether you want it or not. And if you got into such situation, it might be because your team were careless, or your enemies were good tacticians, or you just had bad luck. WoWs has some tactical element aside from action; the bigger your ship the slower it maneuver, the smaller it is the lower its health bar. Players are encouraged to take advantage of this weaknesses and incorporate it into their action. If you don't like taking damage, I suggest you change the way you cruise, perhaps something is wrong in the way you move; are you always moving forward without changing your course? Are you always in full speed? Then you have to change this behaviour. Or if you can't deal with your ship's sluggishness, perhaps you need to change your ship type and learn their different kind of playstyle.
  4. Blackrag

    Taking Out Noob Traps

    Sry, but that camo saved my Hatsuharu many times... ... and am I the only one who think 3% less detectability camo is practical to use on Tirpitz?
  5. Blackrag

    Tweaking the reward system

    Delphaeus, on 30 August 2015 - 09:01 AM, said: I love torps because it's not a "lets shoot and get a hit" mechanic like most games today, it's a "lets think about where this guy might go and fire there" type mechanic. I also love them because it doesn't get you spotted so you're always trying to walk the thin line of "lets get in torp range but not in spotting range". It makes you use your grey cells more... Then everything goes out the window when you see that "detected" warning and a usn dd is steaming right at you, so you start weaving crazily while shells from everywhere land all around you. It's such a fun game because of that. If only everyone thinks the way you do... + 1 for you anyway... You should still try (to get used to) Mutsuki, you would still cooperate and/or go against ships of the higher tier, knowing the mindset of all kinds of ship is important after all, know thy self and know thy enemy... Besides, when you got used to it, you might think to yourself "Actually, it's not that bad, let me give it a bit more push to get Hatsuharu."
  6. Blackrag

    Winning. How important is it?

    Somewhat important... I hate losing, I like winning, but I value survival a bit more... I'm not a coward, but I have better performance in "trying to survive" than "trying to win", because when I try to win, I try to score more, kill more, and I let arrogance get the better of me... But when I try to survive, I have a clear goal of 'making the situation more feasible for the team', for the sake of survival. Because being on the winning team is better for survival, and for making the team perform better I'll do anything, even letting go of easy targets, or letting others get to kill the ships that I've taken down to 2000 HP while sailing to a more important target, or rerouting to the next cap zone, or retreating to beyond detection range in order to prepare for ambush for incoming assailants... When I try to survive, I know when to take drastic measures, the times when if I don't kill I won't live, I know when to approach to close combat, to make every shot count, to break concealment in order to harass the enemy's concentration, for the sake of prolonging the anxiety in that split-second when the torpedoes enter their detectability range... As long as one ship is alive, a team can still win... *and while I hate losing a fight, I don't dislike good challenges
  7. Blackrag

    Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    starring the confused captain
  8. Blackrag

    The Minekaze detectability range must be nerfed

    I'll assume you already have the understanding of a player who knows not to sail straight while using basically any type of ships, especially when the DDs are in the run, and/or in case of incoming Planes... Here I present to you some ways to deal with pretty much every single DDs: * Awareness, use minimap, try to spot those triangles * Always be chatty, when you find DDs in the minimap, highlight the location, tell your team (I usually use this kind of format: DD E5, DD B6, or Minekaze D5) * Tell your cruisers and/or other DDs to look out for DDs and kill them asap, especially if they're Minekaze(s) Now I'm talking particularly about my foremost bottom point up there; when you pick up which ship you're going to play in your docks, that means you've already chosen what set of roles you're going to play once you click the Battle start button. If you pick USN DDs you patrol for enemy DDs, if you IJN DDs you watch out for cruisers and pretty much other DDs, something like that. And as the battle goes you might have to abandon your primary goal and strive for the greater good, which is why IJN DDs can use their guns sometimes and USN DDs can lay ambush. This particular role is what decides your gameplay, and you ought to understand this when you've gotten use to a certain type of ships. I'm not gonna say "You hate IJN torps? Then play USN DDs", but rather you have to encourage your team that the enemy DD is dangerous, this is how you set the meta of the battle and remind people of their respective roles. Derailing a bit, some ships we have problems dealing with - Atlanta spots you on the broadside in effective range? lone CVs in end game who's retreating to the edge of the map and the time runs out before you kill her or cap the base, resulting in draws? Solo IJN DD survivor against 3 or 4 cruisers? Yeah that's hell. These kind of conditions are frustrating but it's not like they're unmanageable, there're ways to deal with them if you know your terrain, you know what your and their ships are capable of and if you consider the time left... Back to Minekaze; she can easily kill without getting detected, probably that is because of her torps' high travel speed(the stock torps) combined with her low detectability and high maneuverability... Now Minekaze is an example of a ship that cannot easily be dealt without proper communication and when the team doesn't understand their respective role. You're saying she can kill your BB with 3-4 torps? Then tell your team to wreck her fast when you snipe the enemy BBs... What if your team doesn't listen to you? Then it's their fault, not the enemy's, not yours... Are you doomed for the rest of the game? No, you delivered the message, now everyone will at least be more aware of the DDs. Unless you're the type who prefers to tell WG to nerf OP ships rather than finding ways to deal with them, you should change the way you behave in game.