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  1. Holy crap this game really wants me back
  2. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    ST guys, really?

    it's pretty funny how OP complains about 6 kitakamis in the enemy team but their team won anyway
  3. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    Should Kagero or Yugumo be skipped?

    Be a man and spec gunboat build.
  4. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    Historical accuracy? DENIED!

    Maybe that was me? I did gun down an Atlanta with a gun build Akatsuki around that time.
  5. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus


    Funny how you say this when most people (even CV unicums) screech that "AA IS USELESS"
  6. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    how do you counter the CV crap

    NA Forum Anti-CV screechers to be precise. Just an example, in a recently locked thread: Imagine using an imaginary moral high ground to justify CV hate. Totally very American amirite
  7. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    so my name got changed back...

    I send detonations instead UwU
  8. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    Solution for these DD situation

    OP at this rate I'd highly recommend you to try playing in NA and hanging out in the NA forums. People there are more than happy and willing to eat your endless whining and screeching.
  9. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    how do you counter the CV crap

    You know what I find funny? Recently dieselhead's been doing his thing in NA forums, shooing me and Moggy away from his paradise, when someone there actually comments this: Here's the link BTW (which is locked as usual because NA)
  10. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    VOR is dead

    Today is Asia's turn
  11. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    Dissatisfied with SEA Server Game play? NA is the way!!

    Oh look who's here, the guy who's so salty that Asia players don't gobble up the anti-CV drivel he and NA forum is eating everyday
  12. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    don't buy AL Yukikaze unless they fix it

  13. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    Can we create a random battle mode with no carriers.

    For a second I thought I was looking at NA forums
  14. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    Dissatisfied with SEA Server Game play? NA is the way!!

    Boy if you think Asia server is "racist", you haven't seen how "racist" Americans can be.
  15. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    Yugumo is op and necessary ?

    Be a true chad and build gunboat Yuugumo.