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  1. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    Is it worth coming back?

    I came back after a few months hiatus a couple of days ago. Gameplay is still enjoyable if you don't chase the latest things and play at your own pace. I'm currently grinding Buffalo to get to Des Memes.
  2. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    Dedicated to all you anti-CV haeters out there.

    B-but I thought AA doesn't work according to that top EU CV Unicum who always posts in NA forums????
  3. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    Wargaming leave Russia and Belarus

    Wait Does this mean that the players (especially NA forums) can't screech Russian Bias anymore????
  4. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    Nobody loves NEUTRASHIMY ?

    Imagine mixing politics with video games
  5. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    Question re current situation with Russia

    Meanwhile in NA server people are putting on their Cold War Russiophobia back on
  6. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    ​🚢 Closed Test 0.11.2, New Ships (French Cruisers)

    Because of all the riots and pitchforks the playerbase raised in the past about ship names.
  7. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    ​📢 Official Stream: What Lies Ahead for Us?

    IF WG's gonna make an IJN CL Line, they need to have Aiming Systems Mod 0, which was a feature in Katori and Yuubari (and for some reason missing from Yahagi).
  8. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    ​📰 Public Test 0.11.1, Balance Changes

    German Battlecruiser nerfs are a given. They're a bit too strong
  9. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    I got 7 days premium from the monthly one
  10. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    USS Indianapolis - Fascinating Horror

    I've been subscribed to that channel for some time now. It's a great channel for covering various disasters in different fields in a factual and straightforward way.
  11. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    Grosser Kurfurst and Khaborovsk

    I have the GK currently at port. Once patch hits, do I get the replacement when GK becomes a special ship, or do I have to purchase the new tech tree replacement?
  12. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    wows? wodds

    Imagine being a coop main and complaining about DDs
  13. Awww boo hoo Kutuzov is a cold war ship and it's here for a long while, and no one batted an eye
  14. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    Unopened containers

    how did you know what containers you got?
  15. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    Need more low tir RANK

    T5 Ranked will be just Kamikaze -GC fiesta