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  1. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    NA Worst Server of the Year (Salty CV Rework)

    What I find funny in most of the CV rework rant threads in NA is that the most common themes are a combination of this: The assumption that the weak state of AA in current PTS is the final version and cannot be changed, not knowing that there's still the upcoming round of PTS where AA will be hopefully fixed; The continual whining about "having infinite plane means CVs can ignore AA and suicide rush all his squadrons to kill everyone", not knowing that there is a harsh time penalty for wiping out squadrons; The weeping and gnashing of teeth of the idea that there will be more CVs present in the game after the rework and that "there will be games where we may have 3 or 4 CVs in a game!", not knowing that the rework CV is heavily nerfed in terms of alpha strike and spotting capability, and that it roughly takes 3 rework CVs to equal the power of the current CV; DD players whining how "playing DD will be impossible now because CVs can now constantly harrass me with infinte planes that we can't shoot down", not knowing that the only reliable weapon that rework CVs have against CVs is rockets (and those can still be juked), while trying to torp or bomb a DD in the rework CV is an exercise of frustration.
  2. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    IJN BB line is kinda boring right now -_-

    "Well, IJN DDs attract those pedophile weaboos" or "IJN DDs has been one of the oldest lines in the game therefore it has bloated popularity" or "IJN DDs attract all noob players".
  3. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    How does one get to targets as a torpedoboat?

    Torpedoboat DDs who are most effective are those who mastered to walk the fine line between detection and stealth.
  4. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    Which server I should paly?

    OP, I would advice you to continue playing here in Asia server first. Get to at least T8, master how high-tier gameplay does here, and then go try out NA server. You will be surprised in how good you;ll be.
  5. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    A case for the IJN

    Unpopular Opinion: The IJN line is fine. They're not steeped in G I M M I C K S, and mastering them will give you good skills to counter people who rely on G I M M I C K S to win.
  6. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    Free signals code

    Much appreciated
  7. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    Arpeggio ships should be improved

    The only change I'd want them to have is to adjust their base concealment to be the same as if they have camo mounted. I really don't mind if they have no ability to use camos as long as their concealment is lower.
  8. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    Brace yourself, shipfu is coming !

    Prepare yourself for 15 pages of pure NALUL (where the topic devolves from discussion about AL to "creepy grown men sexualizing children" to US Imperialism
  9. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    Brace yourself, shipfu is coming !

    mfw a thread in NA forums already got nuked because of this
  10. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    Shima to get upgraded Torps in next Patch?

    TRB Shima will be incredibly hilarious to play though. Never mind the DWT, just run the 12km or 8km torps with TRB, it's gonna be soo good ruining everyone's game after being insulted as the worst T10.
  11. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    You ask and I deliver: Saipan Poll Results!

    The discussion here is pretty quiet. Meanwhile at the snowflake server....
  12. This is kinda baffling. I really like seeing Mikasa's nameplate at the back. I'm a bit saddened it's gonna be removed.
  13. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    Why WG why?

    >complains about ARP audio >mfw problem is solved by NOT USING ANY OF THE ARPEGGIO SHIPS AND/OR CAPTAINS AT ALL >mfw complaining about anime content when you can totally ignore it Why can't these normie plebs grow a brain for once
  14. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    Asians, what ships do you really want to see?

    inb4 we get Kancolle collab Gotta farm salty normie tears