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  1. SlapCity

    Super Testers Recruitment Round 2

    Yea my bad, forgot the change from CBT to OBT, thats why my count is so low
  2. SlapCity

    Super Testers Recruitment Round 2

    I was hoping to be apart of this but it says I only have 73 battles, Surely I had more than that. Does this get changed when servers are reset?
  3. SlapCity


    She's coming soon! Way to excited for this
  4. I cannot see a way to fix camping. There will always be players who prefer to camp and battle from a distance, just like there are always people who want to spam torps. It's just part of the game. Plus if they camp a corner of the map just cap them out.
  5. SlapCity

    Honiara happy snaps

    Great pictures! I would love to be able to travel around the pacific theatre and visit a lot of the memorials and such. Glad to see someone sharing their experience with everyone esle.
  6. SlapCity

    Basic Formations and Maneuvers

    This is great, could work very well in clan wars and such. But in random battles I cannot see this ever working. Getting a group of random people to work together is hard, let alone getting them to use battle formations. But in saying all that I would like to see more battle formations and what type of ships would place where and what role they would take in these formations
  7. SlapCity

    WWII naval movies

    I feel someone needs to make some good Naval war movies. The movies we have all seem to be older