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  1. Most DD players are bad

    Because the worst cruiser players gave up and played BB and DD instead.
  2. Balance Wg. Balance....

    Tin foil hatters.
  3. Chill. I'm just joking. The post is directed to the guys who rush into crossfires when the rest of the team spammed F9 at them, and also to people who try to shotcall in ranked with questionable tactics (ie. Send all the cruisers/BB/DD to one side without blasting it wide open)
  4. It depends on your composition. If you have "DD hunters" like Worcester or Mino then yes, you might not have to send them apart. If you don't then you are literally handicapping your team and losing becomes less of RNG and more of you not spotting and area denying.
  5. How many DDs in the team here? If there's 2 on each team it's literally better to send them apart.
  6. Look. Ranked, as much of a cluster[Edited] as it is, is still a competitive mode. If you have no reason to play competitively, or you don't like ranked for whatever personal bull[Edited] of yours, then please stick to Randoms or Co Op. If you do wish to play ranked, and you know full well you don't play T10s, or you that you never played competitive modes, or that you are in fact less skilled or experienced, then please: Shut the [Edited] up and listen to the people who do. Thank you.
  7. Thank WG for deleting my tokens

    >WG is supposed to cater to your own lack of personal responsibilities as far as the game goes. Kek. Good to hear that you've stopped being a patron.
  8. Don't they know Russian DD?

    That's not the kind of instruction he meant...
  9. Balance Wg. Balance....

    Lol Notser. Looks fine to me.
  10. So why is everyone choosing sharks?

    Eagle's camo looks horrible.
  11. USS Saipan Overpowered

    This is only true if you can't dodge, predict or counter a strafe.
  12. Yamato problem

    Yamato is a simple ship to play. You angle in, you lock down a zone, you get 150k per game at least, if the enemies don't die off too quickly. The best way to not get citadeled to death is to not put yourself in a position for that to happen, or just to not present your citadel as a target.
  13. I've done it.

    The hero we need