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  1. I've done it.

    The hero we need
  2. Black is amazing

    No u
  3. Newer BBs are mostly OP

    I think you should stop speculating using on-paper stats and try playing or fighting one yourself
  4. Change the torpedo effect pls

    Agreed. New one looks horrible
  5. Clan battle start?

  6. Clan battle start?

    Can't start either. Bugged?
  7. A case for the IJN

    So far the most fun I've had was grinding the IJN BB line sans Izumo
  8. USS Black

    There are solo players who reached rank 1 enough to get close to it.
  9. So got this the other day

    Here's a fact: There's no such thing as true randomness in digital systems, and even in real life, you see that trends exist even in random events. That's how people can cheat at cards.
  10. There you go. That's the rewards casuals want and indeed what they get. I don't understand why they'd ask for "equal treatment" when they're not interested in the activities related to competitive.
  11. Des Moines with spotter plane

    Look. I'm gonna just say it. If a player is not mindful enough to not get stuck in the "ME RADAR SHIP, ME HAVE TO RADAR DDs" mindset, changing consumables is not gonna cut it because they're likely not going to be good enough to dodge the shells coming their way, or be able to consistently hit ships at extreme ranges anyways (contrary to NA, where Yuro now plays, our BBs can actually dodge enough cruiser shells if they're on the move) There's no reason not to play DM as a DPM ship while bringing RADAR to the table. @_buki and @Adm_Kunkka are extremely good players, and are very formidable in their Des Moines. I have yet to see either of them picking spotter plane over RADAR as a serious or competitive option.
  12. "Legendary" Upgrades

    Well, I'm a recruiter for my clan, so it's kinda required that I'm adept in looking at and reading into statistics and numbers... That and the fact that I'm currently working in the Sales and Promotion department of a large retail chain lends some crossover... Not that I was specifically looking at your stats - - I have no reason to - - I just needed to find verifiable evidence that your conclusion that Exiaa never played a Z52 was wrong. In this case, that's the numbers of battles played.
  13. "Legendary" Upgrades

    Except he clearly does and clearly has more games than you do on that ship...
  14. The problem with Belfast isn't that it has a strong gimmick. The problem is that it's an already not-horrible ship given several different powerful gimmicks that stack on top of each other without any trade-offs
  15. Well, I'm not even good, and I don't find Flints or Blacks that much of a threat, so..