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  1. MizukiHayama

    how to deal with toxicity

    I wonder what a member of TEAM and this dude have in common...
  2. MizukiHayama

    how to deal with toxicity

    Why would you even entertain some random Korean rabble? It's a waste of your time and energy.
  3. MizukiHayama

    IJN BB line is kinda boring right now -_-

    A question we all want answers to.
  4. MizukiHayama

    IJN BB line is kinda boring right now -_-

    Uh. No they don't? They're fine as is, and they, along with their USN counterparts do their job well. They generally don't have any gimmicks because they're already good, reliable ships without any cookie-cutter nonsense.
  5. MizukiHayama

    Which BB line worth to grind?

    But secondary spec GK was fine for this season. I've seen skilled players pull it off in the smaller map, and conceptually I could see it working.
  6. MizukiHayama

    Which BB line worth to grind?

    Because it can't take damage for cruisers the way Montana, GK and Yamato can. Conqueror's playstyle relies on either HE spamming from a safe distance or abusing its concealment to get into positions other BBs can't get into, then use its heal and the aforementioned concealment to get the hell out of there before it gets monged down to death.
  7. MizukiHayama


    Of course you don't. You play in PVE where there are only bots anyways.
  8. Then you'd love to see NA lol
  9. And if I could produce EU superunicums better than Flamu, who they disagree with (not hard to find those), wouldn't that make his observations irrelevant by extension of this logic?
  10. MizukiHayama

    what happened to WOWs?

    Yes. That's what happens when WG gets lazy with gimmicks I'm waiting for a nerf to radar cooldown and charge number. Good QOL for randoms
  11. MizukiHayama

    How radar should work IMO

    No, what I mean is that BBAP vs DD should be more simplified or standardized, but not completely gone. For example, fishtailing and getting hit for 4k is fine. Getting hit by 1 shell and eating 9k (this actually happens) isn't fine. Also, I don't consider it a missplay. I consider it a misstep in a good play.
  12. MizukiHayama

    How radar should work IMO

    I'm sorry, but no. If you're hit, then that's not "correct play". That's taking a high-risk-high-reward position and making a misstep. You are rewarded for dodging those shells.
  13. MizukiHayama

    what happened to WOWs?

    This. The people who know what they're doing either have burnout or they're sick and tired of the plebs. And most competitive players don't really have a high opinion of the major streamers and CCs for a reason.
  14. MizukiHayama

    RDF - Have you ever regretted taking it?

    No. I don't. It's a default for me in DDs and some CAs (the ones that have to get close)