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  1. HoshimachiSuiseiPrpr

    2 Weeks using bot and aimbot with alt no ban

    I mean it's hard to figure out you're hacking if you're using aimbot and still play like trash...
  2. HoshimachiSuiseiPrpr


    Missing is for noobs lmao Like how do you not even hit people 25+km away? Just aim and click lmfao Imagine not landing your shots Dude just click on the glowing green dot in front of the ship, bruh. You have that in your client too, right? Or am I the only one? jk
  3. HoshimachiSuiseiPrpr

    me again

    But you do brag about being detonated
  4. HoshimachiSuiseiPrpr

    if you get quarantined for 2 weeks...

    I recommend watching binge watching Netflix. Judging from what I know of you, I believe "Kingdom s2", "Crash Landing on You", and "Descendants of The Sun" would be the perfect way to pass your time. That, or binge watching some K-Pop concerts. I know you still stan Loona
  5. HoshimachiSuiseiPrpr

    a STATMENT from a former CN_70 player

    Glory be to drakon, he who is superbly brilliant DKSB! DKSB! DKSB!
  6. HoshimachiSuiseiPrpr

    One reason why I prefer to stay in Asia is....

    This is also true 😂
  7. HoshimachiSuiseiPrpr

    One reason why I prefer to stay in Asia is....

    All the forums are trash. What are you talking about? Every single forum on every single server is the same: idiots making stupid claims and demands, believing they are in the right because they're the majority, while good players contribute nothing to the community aside from more toxicity
  8. HoshimachiSuiseiPrpr

    One reason why I prefer to stay in Asia is....

    No it's not. If someone just says "SB", that has the same connotation (and basic meaning) as saying "you moron!"
  9. HoshimachiSuiseiPrpr

    Economics of Destroyers

  10. HoshimachiSuiseiPrpr

    Soo who is still staying in the SEA server?

    Lmao You know what else are illegal in America? Theft, homicide, pedophilia, rape, vandalism and in some places, weed. I nearly fell victim to the first while in East-Town Madison, WI; drove past a scene of the second in Chicago, made jokes about Kevin Spacey doing the third, and so on... Just because an act is illegal does not mean the perpetrators would be caught for it, IF they were caught.
  11. HoshimachiSuiseiPrpr

    AIRCRAFT Carriers

    sure you do
  12. HoshimachiSuiseiPrpr

    AIRCRAFT Carriers

    No no no no no Revert CVs back to RTS so the Boys(TM) could go out and have fun again