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  1. Adorable_YaeMiko

    Well then...

  2. Adorable_YaeMiko

    You should read this... ... ...

    Yes, a country with no real standing army will invade an island that belongs to the eastern superpower. Even if they could, they would be openly engaging in an act of war, and China will respond asymmetrically :)
  3. Adorable_YaeMiko

    This game NEEDS skill based match making

    I never get this kind of thread Why do people think they're going to magically start winning if they're matched with players of the same skill, and why is it always players who are average or slightly below/above who have that notion? Skill based MM does nothing except put outliers from the average (people who are very good and people who are very bad) away from the queue and give them bad loading times. Clan battles has actual ELO-based MM and it's exactly that. A team's overall winrate over the season is almost directly tied to the member's monthly/2-month winrate. People win or lose almost exactly the same as they would in randoms, where there's no SBMM. The difference is that a 5-minute queuefor a game is considered fast in Hurricane.
  4. Adorable_YaeMiko

    cant bring myself to play anymore

    Wow. Exactly how it's been for me for the past 3-4 months
  5. Adorable_YaeMiko

    Is Pan Asian line worth the grind?

    Because rushing in and dying in 2 mins supports no one on your team :birb:
  6. Adorable_YaeMiko

    stop whining about kita nerfs

    by being horrible
  7. Hmmm Hmmmmmmmmmm No I don't think I'll say anything 🙂
  8. Adorable_YaeMiko

    [PSA] Clans trading steel in CvC 9

    So, are the repeat offenders gonna get the hammer? We're dying to find out 😀
  9. Adorable_YaeMiko

    This one need to be banned

    He's a known idiot and a sub-50%er Why bother?His mother will die soon anyways. Look away and forget about it.
  10. Adorable_YaeMiko

    Japanese Destroyer Ayanami (1929)

    Yes, along with an AL Ayanami captain, please. WG can just crop her portrait or use her New Year skin so whatever the Russian equivalent of the FBI is won't knock on their office doors
  11. Adorable_YaeMiko


    Missing is for noobs lmao Like how do you not even hit people 25+km away? Just aim and click lmfao Imagine not landing your shots Dude just click on the glowing green dot in front of the ship, bruh. You have that in your client too, right? Or am I the only one? jk
  12. Adorable_YaeMiko

    me again

    But you do brag about being detonated
  13. Adorable_YaeMiko

    if you get quarantined for 2 weeks...

    I recommend watching binge watching Netflix. Judging from what I know of you, I believe "Kingdom s2", "Crash Landing on You", and "Descendants of The Sun" would be the perfect way to pass your time. That, or binge watching some K-Pop concerts. I know you still stan Loona