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  1. イギリス海軍の航空母艦「ユニコーン」(HMS Unicorn, I72) を実装して下さい ユニコーンちゃん~~🦄
  2. Hello. If U are new / just returned to WoWS, feel free to use my Invite Link to get FREE Premium Ships & other Gifts.
    Must use BEFORE reaching 15 total Battles. Thanks.



    My Invite Link / 我的邀請連結 / 私の招待リンク
    --> https://friends.worldofwarships.asia/join/Terrasmark

    WoWS "Recruiting Station" info. / 戰艦世界《招募站》資訊 / WoWS『募集ステーション』情報
    --> https://worldofwarships.asia/content/recruiting_station/

  3. Terrasmark

    DobbyM8's New Year Giveaway

    IGN "Terrasmark" Thx. for the giveaway & streams. Keep up the good work~~ Is the giveaway still running?
  4. Terrasmark

    The Key to Victory: A Community Halloween Challenge

    So, that means entries where a Player didn't exit via the Portal with a Key, but was the last one standing in the Polygon or Octagon, don't count? ⬇️ Exited via the Portal with a Key:- ⬇️ Last one standing in the Octagon:-
  5. 私の「最高」は。。。 HIPPER がすべての可能なリボンを取得しました(アップデート 0.9.6)。 色々な~~
  6. Terrasmark

    Happy Birthday, World of Warships!! Tier VII Challenge.

    "The right Warship for the right job"
  7. Terrasmark

    Five Epochs of the Navy: DESTROY THEM!

    Only 2 "Destroyed" Ribbons? No more? No less? Acknowledged. 😉 Little Umikaze, with actual Secondary Armaments. Still got her, still fun at low Tiers
  8. Terrasmark

    Feedback thread for Update 0.8.3

    So, who won the Camo.s? Were the Winners ever announced anyway?
  9. Terrasmark

    Feedback thread for Update 0.8.3

    Collection: "Azur Lane" Use artists' original illustrations (proportioned full body) in the individual Ship details window & leave the chibi pic.s in the Collection overview pages, since different illustrations was doable in the "High School Fleet" Collection. WG pls. ⬇️ Chibi pic.s here is fine... ⬇️ ...but use artists' original illustrations here instead... ⬇️ ...like THIS l33t photo-chop'd pic. ("Look at pic. above, now back to pic. below, now back at above, now back to below...") 1 of artists' original illustrations "High School Fleet" Collection illustration example Glitch: "Priority Target" Cmdr. Skill After returning to Battle from Client-crashes / disconnection, "Priority Target" no longer displays number of enemy Ships targeting you Glitch: "Victory" Competition's Personal Order "Achieve 3 Citadel Hits" In 1 of my Co-Op Battles, the last shell/salvo that hit enemy Ship's Citadel AND sunk her to win the Battle, did not count towards my "Achieve 3 Citadel Hits" Personal Order. During that moment, enemy Ship also returned fire & sunk my Ship, so both our Ships sank at the same time
  10. Terrasmark

    Reward issue for Mid-Autumn festival event

    Mid-Autumn Festival Community Event: Result https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/community/mid-autumn-festival-event/ Referring to this post from the "Claim your Mid Autumn-event Gifts" thread:- "Event 1 Rewards" didn't display for me. Instead, it was displayed as such:- Mid_autumn_event23_0928 No description On 29-Sep approx. 9pm (UTC+8). I clicked "Claim Bonuses" & received all the above rewards except Event 1 Rewards. WG pls. rectify. Thx.