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  1. Vio_Strygun

    So German Cruisers are Bad?

    You have high wr in hipper but low damage, that's the opposite of what Hipper usually does. If you can call someone who blindly follow streamers as sheep, then I would call someone who based entire argument about a ship strength around their own performance as delusional. I had a Kraken with 180k damage against t10 ships with Hipper, should I be proud about it? Yes. Should I go around and tell people Hipper is amazing ship? Hell naw. Hipper got outclassed in everything by her peer, she's admitedly very good when you charged bunch of t6 because combo of german hydro, high alpha AP, torpedoes, and your armor layout made it very hard for t6 ships to retaliate, but let's be honest, being good against lower tier in brawling range is like being proud for taking candies from children. You are probably better Hipper player than me, but I refuse any claim that call Hipper is better than the like of Atago, CM, or even Mogami. You will feel the struggle later on Hindenburg, when you finally kill this one BB for 4 minutes after paying 40k HP and enemy Henri on the other side just finished 2 of your BB while remain unscatched.
  2. Technically they are unlimited if the battle keep going forever, but the battle only last for 20 minutes and cv planes regen in various time around 1 plane per 50-90 seconds. Yeah you got scammed for not reading terms and condition just like my friend who bought investment pack on his insurance and now he can't do shit with his money for 10 years.
  3. Vio_Strygun


    It's yought y'all old men
  4. Vio_Strygun

    Ranked w CV, did anyone have fun?

    I gave up using any AA in DM, just went full surface and queue jump. That's how much fun I have with CV
  5. Vio_Strygun

    So German Cruisers are Bad?

    They formed the meta last year and probably the first cruiser that ever do that. Seriously Hindenburg back then was like Henri now, they are everywhere and sets fire left right center, and hard to kill. The German HE pen buffs started the trend of Hindenburg heavy games. How did they fall off? Honestly, she didn't get nerfed that badly, +1s reload doesn't reduce her effectiveness and low tier German cruisers were buffed so they won't fall behind their peer, it's just powercreep exists in the form of Main Battery Reload Booster. Suddenly all French cruisers are better than the Germans by huge margin, they do whatever Germans do but better especially visible with Henri. Buffing the German cruisers most likely won't solve this problem, the French would stay superior, it needed drastic buffs which powercreep the French even more in order to make them relevant again. Or well, a nerf towards the French line.
  6. Vio_Strygun


    Most likely current ship played in that exact mode in that exact season while ignoring overall stats. No idea what they use for it but it's definitely not PR
  7. Vio_Strygun


    MM does take certain level of skills into consideration. The skill level of both team probably close when averaged, besides let's just say clan tag doesn't matter much, there's a lot of red players in hurricane clans too.
  8. Vio_Strygun

    Remove Newport from Scenario Rotation

    Newport needs rework like Narai back then, I think it's time to pull this out from the rotation to rework it, the current newport is very outdated due to CV rework and Izumo buffs.
  9. Vio_Strygun

    Outer space = waste of space

    What are these low rewards you guys talking about? You can easily made 500k+ profits per game and it is pretty consistent at it. Sure the first batch is not so rewarding but the assault mode is extremely rewarding especially since you don't pay for service cost. Had quite a fun with it and I'm looking forward for the updated Epicenter, Standard Battle, and new Assault mode in the real game. Also what is this waste of resources you talking about? You guys whine like game balancing department are the one who are responsible for making model for the entire event when all they did was just creating new battle mode and test them. Stop with the nonsensical whines, we are Asians not NA.
  10. Vio_Strygun

    Space Assault Tips or Something

    1. You can torp the generator/station. Remember to use torps in order to fast kill them in a clutch. I've won a game where I killed a full HP generator in 10 seconds remaining with torps. 2. Just like halloween installations, AP is extremely effective, don't use HE as it won't burn them and it deals way less damage. Also keep in mind to not shoot AP to the top portion of the generator/station when you are too close, they will overpen. Shoot them into the base of generator/station so the AP will arm 100% of the time. 3. Never ever try to fight last ships when all generators are down. You just wasting your time especially if the time remaining is less than 2 minutes, even more if the last ships are Battleship.
  11. Vio_Strygun

    how many attack runs

    You can check each planes in port, they will show you max squadron and number of attacking planes in squadron.
  12. I have a feel you can make Daring penalty into -100% chance of setting fires and it still be superior to other choices in ranked and CB Stalingrad is a choice, a bad one in ranked and CB but can be great in random. Harugumo is just, why tho Salem is hot garbo Bourgone is straight up shit
  13. Vio_Strygun

    Op of the Week - Cherry Blossom

    If you spawn at the top-most, you have to intercept the Aobas, if you spawn at the bottom-group, you have to intercept the Myoukous. Middle spawn has flexibility to help either side but please focus on one side. Charles Martel can speed boost into 1st Myoukou and citfarm her before she moved (all turrets on the right side so you don't have to turn into island). If the regiment seems to be in danger, quickly step into the illuminated area so their focus changes to you, watch out of torpedoes. After night if your ship is damaged a lot, go heal up on bunker hill, otherwise keep going but DO NOT GET INTO ZAO'S RANGE (16km). Do remember they sail away so their range is extended but your range to them is shrinked so Kutuzov is the only ship that can farm them safely. After triple Zao passed, it is farming time. Protip: hit Myoukou to make her move and turn her unlubed turrets, greatly reducing her dmg potential to the regiments. PS: Don't broadside to the cruisers, they hurts a lot now.
  14. Vio_Strygun

    steel rat removed ?

    They just can't be bothered to fix exploits of things that gonna expire in about a week. Well hope they really think a lot about possible abuse and degenerate plays next time
  15. Vio_Strygun

    Twilight Battle is broken

    It seems they fixed this, I had a pair of rats doing exactly this from the start but look at that exp pardon the censorship, half of them because I don't give a flying firetruck and wanted to post without censor