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  1. Vio_Strygun

    Assigning German Special Commander

    Only viable on either cruiser or BB, even then, only for the JoaT, don't even think of taking Vig, you are just gimping yourself
  2. Vio_Strygun

    Question about US CL split

    What happened if you have Cleveland Pensacola and New Orleans? You get compensated thrice?
  3. Vio_Strygun

    birthday giveaway

  4. Vio_Strygun

    Contest Discussion

    does it has to be screenshot from 16th October - 31st October for IJN DD Frenzy?
  5. Vio_Strygun

    Hall of Fame 2017 Q3!

    Shimakaze: 2501 EXP
  6. Vio_Strygun

    Hall of Fame 2017 Q3!

    Akatsuki: 2094 EXP (Not gonna letting anyone fill this spot)
  7. Vio_Strygun

    Best Nation to start for a new player?

    Oh sweet this is not newcomer section so we can go all out Screw DD, Play BB, be the best baBBies in the werld
  8. Not sure if this is the correct place (probably not) but yolo My play own music didn't work even when I already put userMusic in res folder, yes they are all mp3 and yes I did restarted client a lot, and no I don't use any mods aside from script config for training room. My wild guess is the song titles are in Japanese and my English client can't read it properly but that's kinda crazy if it's true Anyone have somekind of solution or experienced the same problem?
  9. Vio_Strygun

    play rank in early moring/late night

    Or you met people who regret their decision to stay awake and did a lot of mistakes because they are tired af
  10. Vio_Strygun

    Suggestion to make Torp boat viable

    Pick either of these: General Torpedo Reload reduction Adding 30s TRB in a separated slot on all Torpedo Boat from t7 and above Revert gun HE alpha dmg nerf
  11. Vio_Strygun

    The Shiratsuyu

  12. Vio_Strygun

    I just don't get it

    "Hey guys we have advantage of gunboat and they have many torpedo boats and one belfast, let's go into the open water instead of cap with many islands" - my ranked team yesterday
  13. Vio_Strygun

    What is with everybody.

    That's how it is in ranked, sadly this is our rank meta and doesn't seems to change any time soon. You can go play random instead, they have some agressive players and gameplay