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  1. SURVEY MONKEY it won't take more than 3 minutes, also if possible please share it, thank you
  2. Vio_Strygun

    Ranked Ships for ranked

    All battleships are okay even FDG, DD needed to be quick and/or can outfight enemy by itself, Cruiser has to have some tool, meaning DPM cruisers are not gonna be that useful unless the BB in your MM pool is equal or less than 4. Remember it is 6v6, you might find a lot of 1v1 situation, just make it count.
  3. Vio_Strygun

    bayard, the penultimate PTW

    ???? Why Bayard allowed to pen 29mm now? They could have change it after HE rework hits, do they have to put it in now and create huge advantages over other CL?
  4. It's whatever, those ships from NTC are good, but not "so good you basically win just by having it in your team" - good. As long as they stay away from the idea of giving respective ships increased combat parameter like the original NTC plan, I'll still play the game.
  5. Vio_Strygun

    Why you do not play midtiers?

    Scenario count? Because I'm sure everyone kept ships for scenario
  6. Vio_Strygun

    what T8s will you be taking into clan battles?

    Atago Atago Atago Chapayev with SE Kidd (Insert BB)
  7. Puka Puka fleet could be the main reason we are not allowed to comment on the main site articles anymore, iirc they still exists and still going but no longer translated to English so it is Japanese exclusive now.
  8. Vio_Strygun

    Has Benham drained the life out of you yet?

    I missed one day of daily and now I have to buy boxes, fml
  9. Vio_Strygun

    No Players Playing Low Mid Tiers

    Yeah you play t7 in Narai week, try again after Narai week is over, I got top tier in t7 6 out of 8 times.
  10. Vio_Strygun

    DD Tops in Ops v Bots!

    Operation DD usually use random battle build, which is why they usually don't shine, I had created special captain for Sims back then which consistently gets 1600-2100, often outscoring Atlantas, then I swapped to gearing captain, I can't get more than 1700.
  11. Vio_Strygun

    Ranked Sprint II : Epicenter

    I don't know about you guys but I don't like this epicenter season, I like the previous one with domination, but it's really hard to like a season full of small maps in epicenter mode. 1. Epicenter mode point ticks are just too fast, you don't have freedom of giving up a capture point early to gain positional advantages in case the DD matchup is bad. 2. The diameter of the center circle is roughly 7km, sure technically it does fits 2 destroyers without them spotting each other (aside from Minsk), but it's very easy to spot each other just by moving slightly and thus created huge advantages towards ships with low concealment like Shiratsuyu or broken ship like z39. 3. Even harder lemming, most of the time people don't know how to play the game and just follow others so they don't get flamed for mistakes they made, this is even more apparent in this season, even worse because they all either huddle the outer circle trying to fit each other into one small spot for delicious torpedo targets, or stay outside the circle and let enemies just rake up points and then blame DD for not winning 1v1 against enemy DD when they can't even help them. I know this is just sprint season, but I really do wish a season full of epicenter will never appear in normal ranked season without some tweak.
  12. Vio_Strygun

    Fiji, the Scourge of Tier 7?

    Fiji is just more enjoyable because of the Matchmaking advantages, being a t7 and thus with the new MM logic will more likely be top tier, although even if it got bottomed, she still can do fine Well thank god Kronstadt died huh.
  13. Vio_Strygun

    Why is this mission even a thing?

    Yes with that you prevented the enemies, who also have same signal, to stay alive, nice job but you still dead and the game environment still full of rammers.
  14. Why is this even a thing? I hate how people just leeroy to each other and even formed "gentleman agreement" just for this mission alone. Why would WG think a mission that requires you to trade life with your enemies is a good idea? It doesn't even have good rewards, you can entirely skip it if you just aim for clearing the 3rd directive, all this mission do is just lowering the enjoyment of Savage Battle which is already below freezing point currently. I know WG won't change it, but let this be a lesson for future mission designer, if you want to make ram mission, get it done with 1 ram kill or little ram damage if the event ships doesn't have ramming protection like Varg.
  15. Vio_Strygun

    Why people think T5 Kongo is good?

    Because she was legit good when there was only 2 BB line, her competitor is a new york, that should explains why. She got powercrept when Konig was released (mind you pre-nerf Konig was much better than GC), and severely losing her advantages over her peers with more and more t5 BB released. She just mediocre now, but her past achievement still lingers around so it might reach the ears of newer players and make them misunderstood. Kinda like how people still think what makes DD good is their guns but that's topic for another day