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  1. Tyharo

    Where's my Kraken & Double Strike

    I did not get it in the achievement section as well...
  2. I had 5 kills in my Kitakaze, the results screen said so too, but i wasn't awarded the Kraken, and if you watch the replay i should have gotten a double strike too. This all happened in the last minute of the game, and the last kill was around the last second of the game, so was the Kraken and Double Strike not awarded because the server couldn't load the achievements fast enough? The wows replay link for my game: https://replayswows.com/replay/34701#stats 20181107_181453_PJSD219-Kitakaze_47_Sleeping_Giant.wowsreplay
  3. As you can see from the update 0.6.9 notes, it says that I can "sign up" to get cards from daily containers to complete the collections that I have not completed. So, how exactly do I "sign up" to get the cards to complete my Dunkirk collection? In the game, there is no clue about where to "sign up" at all. And because I really do want Jack Dunkirk for the upcoming British BBs.
  4. Tyharo

    Bug in 6.1.0 in Mac

    Same here, it takes forever to load on the first pic (or doesn't even ever load), and sometimes I get the second pic. http://imgur.com/a/hgNcJ
  5. Tyharo

    Grey Yokosuka port sky

    I tried that a few times already, and the yokosuka port still has the grey sky.
  6. Tyharo

    Grey Yokosuka port sky

    After update 0.5.15, the sky of the yokosuka port became grey when i entered the game. However, all the skies of the other ports were not affected. I am playing on mac though, so this may just be a mac related problem. Please do help me in solving this bug, as the yokosuka port is the port that I use the most. Screenshot: http://imgur.com/a/gzxNf
  7. Tyharo


    And are those different voices? If so, whose voices are in which one?
  8. Tyharo


    What is .bnk?
  9. Tyharo

    Weird lag

    While I was playing, there would be this weird lag that would occur seldomly. It was where the game runs smoothly for 8 seconds, and then all the ships that I can see would suddenly 'pause', whereas the shells and torps would still fly and swim smoothly. That lag would occur for around 1-2 seconds and then the game would then accelerate the ships to where they were supposed to be after the lag. This cycle would then repeat in regular intervals throughout the whole game. It seems like restarting the game would get rid of the problem, but can I ask if there is a way to identify what is causing this problem and if there is a way to predict it before it happens in-game? Red text. Post edited, user warned. ~amade
  10. Tyharo

    Graphic settings

    Thanks for the info!
  11. Tyharo

    Graphic settings

    That would be awesome if that happens, but sadly it doesn't...
  12. Tyharo

    Graphic settings

    Well I turned Texture Quality to medium, but then the client would automatically reset itself to back low. Turned off V sync and triple, but it made my games very laggy, so I turned it on again, and my games were back to normal.(my avg FPS is 20, which is probably very low) Turned off soft particles and set the effects quality to medium, now my games look so much better. Thanks for the help!
  13. Tyharo

    Graphic settings

    Hi guys, I would like to ask if you all could help me in setting the best possible graphics quality for my WoWs client. FYI, I'm using a 13-inch macbook air to play.
  14. Tyharo

    XerbColle - Kancolle (Mod) ASIA

    Oh ya, can I also ask if there would be anymore new sound mods in the future, because now I'm a bit bored of the Eugen sound mod...but I'll still keep it XD
  15. Tyharo

    XerbColle - Kancolle (Mod) ASIA

    Nice! Would really look forward it!