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  1. Gesterbein

    Advise for X tier Cruiser

    Go AL Nevsky, her reload its pretty Decent 6 sec and good firestarter since Soviet Shell fast you can spam from long range.... im not recommend Worcester and mino since both of them team based ship....
  2. Midway and Hakuryu UU seems Okayish... Midway already got noice HP planes combined with Ochevkin.... with this UU this thing will more deadly especially when Hit BB with 32 mm deck and lucky hit to DD 12.300 damage its no joke and 10% more faster Bomber
  3. Gesterbein

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    yep, sh*t and complete tr*sh.... the stats really insulting honestly especially the logic behind "slow+light armor" and never believe the word "subject will change" thats compelete b*llshit if we see RN CA and EU DD..... that word only works if the ship from soviet...
  4. Gesterbein

    US BB Line split is live!

    40 sec reload 1.7 sigma light armor 23 knot TRULLY COMPLETE TR*SH PERIOD..... how to make this good : 40 sec down to 35 Sec. 1.7 goes to 1.9 Sigma Light Armor go to Heavy Armor with American style 23 Knot acceptable if they heavy armor 23 knot but Light Armor > you Dev. need back to Junior Highschool and learn something Called "LOGIC"
  5. Gesterbein

    Enterprise should be deleted from the game

    dont worry shes not OP and soon probably they will Sell her again after universal APDB nerf lul.... beside when you play DD you just pay attantion to her rocket since torpedo and her DB not a threat to DD, if you play BB or cruiser stack your AA pls dont go alone......
  6. Gesterbein

    No News About Hololive Commanders Sale?

    ah i see, so you 're man of Peko As Well ~~ peko
  7. Gesterbein

    PT 0.9.6, balans "mostly nerfs" changes

    Btw, This Universal Nerf sound fishy to me.... it sounds like they want Reselling Enterprise but They cant nerf Premium individually, since so many player ask WG to nerf Hakuryu APDB bomb, WG went full universal nerf so they can nerf Enty APDB and so they can sell her again....
  8. Gesterbein

    PT 0.9.6, balans "mostly nerfs" changes

    SAP damage should be between HE and AP like this >>>> HE>SAP<AP but it turn out become easy mode no need to change to AP, just spam SAP all day.... *PTSD*i hate play DD when venezia targting me.... i rather deal with CV rather than dealing with Venezia
  9. Gesterbein

    Gearing vs YueYang Size comparison

    Gearing just need separate DFAA consum and speed boost so she will not overshadowed by Halland... thats just what gearing need right now...
  10. Gesterbein


    you playing Saipan and your plane durability much better than Shoukaku yet you only get 1700 damage.... its not MM fault, its your fault... go back to ranger and learn which ship should your strike first...
  11. I just recently play it and i think no signficant change in playstyle.... in update notes say : she will got 3x slower to reach maximum reverse speed but in reality i didnt feel change lol and when you reach 1/2 and 3/4 forward speed nothing change only when you want full speed its takes bit longer but the fundamentl speed juking in desmoines rare to use max speed lol... TLDR : its fine right now radar penalty is gone and you know what happen to DD who in her radar range, go figure.......
  12. Gesterbein

    Does no one concern about the brand new Shikishima ?

    Dont worry Kremlin and New CA Soviet called Petropavlovsk can handle Shikishima...
  13. when they will remove petropavlovsk BB penetration ? im feeling disgusting see this ship when see flambass video.... good armor and can tank BB shell Shell penet like BB penetration....
  14. Gesterbein


    bring back and rebalance USN squadron for better purpose.... no more 1 squadron 6 planes anymore.... for RN setup, i dont have idea honestly lel
  15. Gesterbein

    How bad is the Atlanta going to be ?

    before IFHE come to server, all Atlanta players only use AFT and DE.... and yuro already make video tutorial how to atlanta...