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  1. Gesterbein

    Asia server always misses out.......

    >Battle of the Philippine Sea.... >choose side : USA or Japan >Philippine Sea,Japan >No Asia server The Battle is on Asia region but they exclude Asia server because "asIa SeRver has ThE EXcLUSIvE SummER cOmmunity"
  2. Gesterbein

    CV haku AP bombs

    getting triple citadel/ 18k damage in one filght drop ? i feel that in my DM/Worces on ranked battle......
  3. soon m8, premium T8 USS Hornet with Gimmick
  4. Gesterbein

    World of Aircraft Carriers.

    Let me share my stories.... I love wrecking helpless DD in my Lexington, even harugumo cant stand a chance.... TLDR I Love CV... end of story
  5. honestly this kind of sling shoot is easy to avoid if u have legend mod DM.... well sadly majority NA DM palyer love to using range mode and sit down and camp and start spamming from 15 km ++
  6. Gesterbein

    PSA: Wichita and Montpelier Radar range issue

    in the end nothing special from Montpelier.... nice cash and grab only for weebs....
  7. Kleber is just a food for my Lexington, meet her first time.... at first its hard to hit because 50 knot but when i tried again it works and surprisingly its easy to predict where that ship will going.... HEDB is best choice, and her module is easy to destroyed tho (obviously this thing still on testing ).....
  8. got DC in middle of battle, and this thing appear...... never happen, wtf is going on.........
  9. Gesterbein

    ST, changes to test ships and Le Terrible

    Georgie-chan need 2.0 sigma.... or make it 1.9, she need that... 😞
  10. Gesterbein

    Azur Lane collaboration part 2

    can u tell us which one is free to obtain ?
  11. Gesterbein

    Azur Lane collaboration part 2

    >Dead Weight so sad, nero play Silver Bullet song....
  12. Gesterbein

    WoWp shall arrive to ASIA

    17 April, when i tried to download this notes appear.... https://worldofwarplanes.asia/en/news/release-date/
  13. Like the title.... my Des Moines and Worcester gun sound seems broken everytime i spam and shooting continously...... this problem happen after pacth 0.8.2.... dev. pls can u do something to fix this problem ?
  14. Gesterbein

    ST, icebergs.

    2019 still talking realistic and unrealistic thing on WoWs lel.... this is arcade game bruh,...
  15. Gesterbein

    ST. Premium Ship

    any new info about USS Georgia ? or she is still on test subject ? also is it true yuudachi will using Deep Water Torps ?