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  1. Gesterbein

    Update 0.8.10: “Resolute and Rapid”

    no Saipan regen planes buff ? sigh...
  2. Gesterbein

    [Reminder] New Legendary Upgrades when, WG?

    i had salem, with or without legendary mod i still prefer DM.... reason is DM had 10km Radar and its good for teamplay meanwhile salme only got T7 Atlanta radar.... and you can use both hydro and radar not like Salem you need switch using radar or hydro.... I prefer Legend mod DM can be use by salem as well, because they are same ship class only different in utility....
  3. Gesterbein

    Infernal Camouflage

    whatever ship you enjoy and love in tech tree....
  4. Gesterbein

    Research Bureau Button on Tech Tree

    u need 5 T10 to unlock Research Bureau......
  5. Gesterbein

    Remove or Nerf Smolensk

    never had problem when facing Smolensk, i only had problem when facing Kremlin especially when brawling.... 457 mm 30 sec turret travers thats just plain broken, nerf it to 40-45 sec thats make kremlin more balance..... honestly vladvostok much more balance but WG nerf her....
  6. Gesterbein

    About Midway's Unique Upgrades

    both Legendary mod for CV temporary Locked.... reason because unbalance : for midway increase attack aircraft hp +30% and -5% planes speed.... it means midway DB will got 3k Hp for each plane.... yes plane not squadron.... TB got 2.9k hp/plane rocket got 2.5k hp/plane and hakuryu only got increase speed and increase fighter planes hp +10%....
  7. Gesterbein

    MS-22 & Type 21 Camo

    prefer change current permanent premi camo to MS-21 and Type-21 because simple historical camo much better than current permanent premium camo... IMHO
  8. Gesterbein

    I'm crossing T opponent, why I'm still lose?

    but Sim 's already in this game
  9. super cruiser dispersion + 2.2 sigma..... wow the shells dispersion will be so tight probably much better than yamato.... mini montana with yamato dispersion.... RIP CL
  10. Gesterbein

    Asashio in Ranked

    Kidd,Akzk,Kagero,Benson,Cossack,Z-23,Lightning,and Loyang Twice Stronger than asashio in term team work man....
  11. Gesterbein

    ST, Luigi Sansonetti, Odin, Siliwangi

    Stat wise, its sligthly better than Ogny.... but got different role.... interesting.......
  12. Gesterbein

    Catapult Launched Aircraft poll

    bring back torpedo spotting mechanic for spotter plane pls.........
  13. Gesterbein

    AA Build - How to do?

    just take BFT in commander skill... on mod take AA mod 1 for more flak u can take manual AA for auto 100% damage but u need good timing to make this work...