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  1. Gesterbein

    Back from almost a year break

    ok this is new for me, what they complain right now ? lmao
  2. Gesterbein

    📰 ST, Axis vs Allies

    Can Italy ships change side ???
  3. Gesterbein


    i just wanna comment : NGEEEEEEEENG....
  4. Gesterbein

    I am just realize Moggytwo is a Sith Lord....

    so who's the Jedi ?
  5. Gesterbein

    So I Got The Georgia, But...

    keep in your mind, not every secondaries BB is brawler like German..... their secondaries just for defensive purpose not aggresive type like german....
  6. Gesterbein

    Thoughts on Dazzle?

    Dazzle skill for DD without smoke like French and Pan EU DD its really useful....
  7. Gesterbein


    it means gacha system is agains law.... no wonder ASIA game dev havin hard time to put their game on global lmao
  8. Gesterbein

    PQs Anti-CV Vid [Merged Thread]

    He want Remove CV, But sorry according WG rule, to remove a ship you need "Spreadsheet" Data if that ship overperforming or not.... Only MvR is a bit more effective so she got nerf, but the rest still normal lel....
  9. Gesterbein

    How to Make America Great Again? Their DD, that is.

    USN DD Start Shining in Fletcher and Gearing.... from T5 to T7 USN DD not so Good in current META especially in CV.... Benson probably can shoot down more planes if her Hull C still there (but WG remove it "bEcAuSe uNpOpUlAr") Gearing Torp Speed can reach 74 Knots in with range 13 Km, if im not wrong USN DD had Best concealment Trops...
  10. Gesterbein

    PSA- dont play high tiers for a while

    Time to use DD again.... Dont worry i can deal and counter cv
  11. USN BB Vermont line sigma buff is welcome.... Now They Just Need USN BB Heal level and fast Reload Damecon like Ohio to make them more survive in Battle....
  12. Gesterbein

    The Massive Debate : Buyers / Whales Beware.

    Forum,Group,Reddit so many people salty about Guaranteed makarov and friends lel me who already fall in Gacha hell : seems normal to me Should WG add Pity rate ?
  13. Gesterbein

    BBs in queues

    but the queue if im not wrong never reach 300 ships.... usually stay in 100~150 ships.... 300 BBs is overkill
  14. Gesterbein

    BBs should be removed from the game.

    combined with new branch USN BB Release we already reach 320 BB in Queue..... Cant wait when it reach 500 LMAO