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  1. Gesterbein

    New CV mechanics

    TinyTims cannot hit DD anymore thx WG.... can u just remove it ?
  2. Gesterbein

    Tone looks nasty

    its no longer Fun when get dragged to T10, every T10 CV will kill you without problem tho... already seen tester got blaped by Richtoven with AP rocket...
  3. WTF NO SMOKE CONSUMABLE, THIS IS HERESY..... SOVIET CV SHOULD HAVE SMOKE CONSUMABLE LIKE ADM. KUSNETZOV.... im just joking, i kinda interest the playstyle low conceal and 1 squad for 1 attack...... i hope their skip bomb using tsar bomba
  4. Gesterbein

    ST. 0.10.6, NEW SHIPS (American Hybrids)

    put in coal please...
  5. Gesterbein

    Your Opinion: A response to Max_Battle’s threads

    Option 3 Sharksocial Thread....
  6. Gesterbein

    ​📰 ST, Visual Changes

    Oh no, there is a big wave now.... This is big nerf for Petropavlosk, now she can sinking anytime
  7. Gesterbein


    Petropavlosk deck,Thunderer rudder shift, RN Cruiser acceleration say hello to you....
  8. Gesterbein

    Amazing graphics, WeeGee

    This is not Glitch, This is next feature... its called "time space warp UI"
  9. Gesterbein

    ST 0.10.4, New Jersey

    Manjuu & Yostar : Dont Worry I got You homie.... *New Jersey released
  10. Gesterbein

    All Tech-tree Carriers Attack squadron Rework Compilation

    how about this video
  11. Gesterbein

    Super Battleship Size comparison with their original ship

    we need Tillman IV-2 to be added lol Upsize Vermount but with 5 triple turrets luls
  12. Gesterbein

    Dutch airstrike in action

    then you need to rebalance air strike as soon as possible just focus on that part first, because its the most hot topics currently..... next you can re adjust dutch "Super"cruiser concealment, make them same level concealment like stalingrad and alaska ( not 10.3 km full concealment build)
  13. Based Golden Leeuw stats : 16.5 Km is not that short combined with 10,3 km concealment (you can use ranged mod ) Main Battery kinda okay Vulnurable to fire if WG give him Large Cruiser treatment, if they give him normal cruiser level fire duration damage (30 sec) this thing will be roken AF
  14. so what is their weakness ? honestly i dont want they release another Cruiser who can tank BB Shell again+combined with airstrike....