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  1. Gesterbein

    Is WG going to do anything about Low tier CVs?

    i prefer they remove rocket in t4, let T4 cv learn how to DB and TB drop.... this will prevent nooblord CV player sealclub in T4.... T6 should be a good start how to use rocket... IMHO
  2. Gesterbein

    We are growing...

    ASIA server keep growing as long as Weebs still exist.....
  3. Gesterbein

    New USSR CA T9, T10 are Mini-Stalingrad

    i got feeling WG will give new TX Soviet CA 300mm gun kinda like stalingrad..... and this thing will be the first 300 mm gun in normal tech tree....
  4. Gesterbein

    Moskva and Kirov, research them while you can!

    im still in schors. how long it will take to grind ? 1 month is enough right ?
  5. Gesterbein

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    if you already got her and bought her the icon will change from normal ship to special ship, and you still keeping your moskva.....
  6. Gesterbein

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    became special ship coal....
  7. Gesterbein

    Maybe New ship for America?

    Tillman IV-2 pls....
  8. Gesterbein

    SEA population exceeds NA's ?

    i see no difference between asia bots and typical NA player who dont know game mechanic like angle and always showing broadside.......
  9. Gesterbein

    Latest CV changes (ST)

    well its time to restock my vodka since im already out of stock, because avrora drink all my stock vodka.... Reeeeeeeee.........
  10. Gesterbein

    Latest CV changes (ST)

    Player Base : do something about T4 CV WeGe....!!! WeGe : Okay...... *nerf T10 CV Player Base : ............
  11. Gesterbein

    Simple idea to Fix some of the CV issues

    sure why not, but in exchange icrease all rocket damage from 2000 to 4500 per rocket,increase HEDB and APDB, and plane TB damage equal to DD torp damage....
  12. Gesterbein

    0.9.1 Bulletin Out-DISCUSSION TIME

    that Main Battery Mod 2 really make montana Gun turret traverse almost Kremlin level turret speed if you combine it with John Doe/Halsey....
  13. Gesterbein

    New French T10 Premium the Marceau

    that San Diego possible will be Collaboration ship like Montpelier lmao.... with bonus commander who yelling "Watashi wa Numba 1" everytime she kill a ship...
  14. masochist ? count me in....
  15. Gesterbein

    Benson AA

    already try using that manual but its useless that instant damage need timing because your AA also instant cooldown.....