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  1. Update to Fixed the problem that Azumaya disappears from the techtree.
  2. Update to Fine tuning
  3. Update to Change CV in techtree Add RN-Exeter(T5)
  4. SenaHibiki


  5. MTA Mod acts on the techtree,it will unlock all the ships of the game. This mod allows you to see ships that are not shown in the original game. How to install/remove Install Unzip the downloaded zip file and place it in the root directory Remove Delete res_mods\[version number]\gui\lobby folder in the root directory Delete res_mods\[version number]\gui\unbound\dock.xml Notice Any Work in process ships still follows the NDA. If you transmit the ship information, please be responsible for yourself. Any out-of-print ship cannot be unlocked via the module. Please note that if you force the purchase, it will only cause the loss of the gold coin. Thanks to NA's Im_The_Seeker2,Eu's MasaruKondera.And initial version of this mod is Arnak_76RUS from the RU forum. Download Link:HibikiExtendedTechtree_0802.rar
  6. https://twitter.com/YoruSenaHibiki/status/1043274512265932800?s=20
  7. 有人做一個網站來統計,我認為它可能有用。請在上面說一些東西,它可能讓我們下一次舉辦的活動更好。 連結:http://seaserver.wows.ga/
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    各位親愛的玩家您好 我們將開始編輯一個非官方的第三方wiki 我們要洽詢一些意見以及希望有人的默默付出讓這個wiki更好 第一,要從哪個地方開始下手 第二,我們需要一些管理人員 以上,完畢, wiki連結:http://zh.wows.wikia.com/wiki/首頁 戰艦世界wiki coming sooooooooooooon!
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    Super Testers Recruitment Round 3

    I want to join Super Tester team.