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  1. saki6200

    ASIA Q&A, round 2

    Hello Sub_Octavian Questions on cv balancing: 1. when will the manual aa skill(4-6) change? Abusing 60% drop rate at the first contact + 100% drop rate after 2.5seconds is problematic, especially when it is an invisible target. And this only happens in asia server, not happening in other region EVEN competitive included.(recently only one team on KoTs hosted by eu used akizuki, while majority of the teams in Grand Japan Cup 2nd used akizuki) 2. Exit strafing on saipan too powerful and shown a 60% win rate(short term) in asia, maybe u should increase the ammo requirement for strafing on saipan? 3. Is the aa specific ships are balanced enough considering what they can do on other ships except cv? ( ahhh but yes not every one got a 19skill captain and aa spec) (e.g. texas cleverland gnei akizuki neptune minotaur/DM) 4. The CV UI keep bugging in recent patches, when will it be fixed? 5. How is the feeling about removing t4-5 cv manual control? 6. i know even if i mention about MM you won't touch on it, so is there anything that can leak about cv rework? 7. last one on cv, how many developers are playing cv class constantly(seriously)? General: 1. When will the BB nerf come in? it seems secondaries are more reliable than torpedos, or devs think it is ok 2. Will north be removed/reworked after more maps coming out? 3. Will you think of disable premiums for rank?(payfast) 4. Smoke is too strong if played properly, any thoughts on lower the smoke usage(make smoke less powerful)? Sorry for long questions, hope you can reply me. Good job for the Q&As.
  2. saki6200

    CV Fighter Buff Might Have Been Overdone

    1. wg never tries to rebalance t4/5 cv(so called #sealclubbingneverstop) So don't try to talk about the already broken stuff, bogue op thread inc. 2. new skill to counter the heavyclicking mechanics. 3. inb4 high tier usn as cv CAN'T stop ALL strikes from a strike loadout, and now still impossible maybe. 4. We all know playing as loadouts are potatos like me 5. punishing someone using reload module easier since FT is useless, and less useless now 9999. This patch is buffing usn cv for real Is that simple enough? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There is a reason why no CV thread on this forum as no one will actually answer anything
  3. saki6200

    FenrirApalis' End of Year Contest!

    Total point : 95pts 25/12/2016 - 10 pts first blood*5 sry capping from twitch, i don't know the contest until now 26/12/2016 - 26 pts Devastating strike *2 kraken unleashed *1 first blood *3 dreadnought *2 fireproof *1 confederate *1 27/12/2016 - 45pts clear sky * 4 fire proof * 1 dreadnought * 1 confederate * 1 high caliber * 2 devastating strike * 1 liquidator * 1 28/12/2016 - 24pts fireproof * 1 first blood * 4 devastating strike * 2 dreadnought * 2 kraken unleashed * 1
  4. saki6200

    0.5.12's economical problems

    As far as i tried out CV's economy, there is a 50% income cut even with the SAME result despite the repair fee changed. I think cv need 300k-ish scout damage+200k-ish dmg+sth like 60~70 planes shoot down to get a 300k-400k credit in one game not counting the repair fee But well, i know cv on this forum should having no presence. Thanks WG making CV players more happily move away from this class.
  5. saki6200

    what will u do to flint?

    While not banning the flags in the rules+the players ban list, what do u expect from that joke tournament Everyone knows flint op man
  6. saki6200

    CV problem on estuary

    Well, i am not pretty sure because it is just a feeling. The view angle of CV at map estuary is completely different compared to the other maps, few degree difference/a little bit "further" than usual. I feel very frustrated when playing on that yesterday. I don't know if it is the texture problem or what, wanna ask for some solution.
  7. i honestly think "control group" is a joke for a long time, seems it is not?
  8. Tbh, 2x/3x commander exp event in na making my friend use rather less time to get lvl18 commander compared to me, without premium. And because my laziness, i am very lazy to farm credits from new players with zuiho, except some 1.2x credit event i guess? Yeah, i agree with mod, this is asia server, we shouldn't complain anything because we still can play with a low ping environment. #offtopic How to gain credits? - play zuiho and get ~500k/350k every game(with event) - forum flood with cv op thread - get boring - play yamato again sounds work
  9. saki6200

    Suggestions for CV buffs

    1. cv have no awareness 2. cv have no awareness 3. cv have no skills to control their planes precisely captain skills: Try to play a T9/T10 cv without any captain skills(or only situational awareness if you want) and watch your win rate, completely explain how important those skills are, esp. T5 can swing a game. I don't see WG is working on captain skills since it is completely balanced on wrecking some players without that much commander points so they will work(FARM->another problem exist now in low-mid tier) on it if they want to play Skill differential of cv isn't something that important now, mostly on MM + team movement. As i have said months before, if WG want to make cv ONLY appears on team battle, the changes are fine and meaningful. The only thing i want to buff is the aa parts are easier to get damaged by dd/ca's HEs if they didn't get upgraded(in 0.5.7) TL;DR: Learn cv, we want cv be in balanced state doesn't mean we need joke buff nor joke nerf.
  10. saki6200

    0.5.6 Patchnotes (NA=May25)

    Vid 1: look at their team formation and how they play Vid 2: look at that dm For your reference(i am not against you eurobeat lol), there are chance that cv CAN'T(vid 1) or VERY HARD(vid 2) to do things because the overwhelm aa+IJN dd nerf= usn dd+ca with overloaded aa(skills), on top of the smoke and the bug i mentioned few post before(sry i forget to highlight the games post 0.5.4, i'm too lazy, forgive me), which directly put a plane stock pressure not only the mid tier cvs, but high tiers.(i think midway too but i don't think there are ppl agree me) Yeah it may due to your team didn't do anything or simply losing the gunfight heavily. However, what you can do is watching and being hopeless. A class that can only punishing opponents' mistake(yeah, bad aa team formation is a mistake rofl, praise MM when you queue cv, for sure), and can't even punish ca directly/effectively (even haku vs mogami) is funny i guess? I won't mention there are matches that rj matched into mikhail+atlanta+pensa while my team having myoko+aoba+etc. that can't even provide a satisfying aa support To be fair, some changes of cv (saipan added and T8+ cv have aa) made more inexperienced T8+ cv captains appear in battles, i don't say its good or bad, lets see. I forget to add one important note, 0.5.6 is making T6+ cv as hard as(kinda coz the stock) T10, which you may experience more games like what posted above, but from every ship chipping your planes away. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back to the 0.5.6 topic, with the removal of the baiting and essential use of teammates scout planes/fighters, i can't see this is healthy to cv mechanics, since the dogfight mechanics are rng basis and the outcomes are really affecting the game result. The only way to not praise the rng is from strafing loads of planes(by baiting), esp. when strike loadout vs air superior loadout, which takes skills. I don't know if WG wanna ninja buff air superior loadout(Only if we can't bait with our OWN PLANES without being pinked) from this aspect or what. However, from my experience that some players just whine after i strafed more planes than his lost(like 4 for 8 or even one scout plane for a squad), even afk after that, who don't even know the cv game. I am pretty confident that you want to fix this rather than ninja buff air superior loadout after experienced the 0.5.3 patch. To concluded: Destroying the fundamentals of CV will encourage more and more people to play (It is less punishing becoz the things mentioned above+cv snipe disappears in T8+ and who cares if my cv can't do thing? i am DM(or fill in with an aa ship for Y tier) and i can protect our gearing/yamato(fill in the best ship u can have in Y tier) to do damage), but isn't that impactful (or even non-factor in team battles) than before.(cbt/031/051?) Because cv is a different game and we need to nerf it so they can't be involved except the top level players? p.s.: For the cv haters, you can keep saying that i can't adopt, i don't care
  11. saki6200

    0.5.6 Patchnotes (NA=May25)

    Considering the acquisition bug(5sec delay i think, for both appear and disappear) ruining all players(mainly dds, maybe ca with concealment setups, actually i think cv is more frustrated when against usn cas) and the "plane got attacked message" bug on cv( U won't know which squad is under attack) , which made me tilted in the first 2minute playing a hakuryu, just because i can't see the dm due to the two bugs mentioned above and i need to pay my squad for the bugs. And now u gotta nerf moar on ijn dds+ cvs. Good job WG I seriously don't know how u considering those stats, maybe in ru server the avg. dmg of cv is too high? rofl And last, GGWP whinners, u get what you want. World of battleships/des moines inc.
  12. saki6200


    Tried by myself+friend and we have discussed about those before i posting this kind of thread, if you have notice, wg almost haven't changed any higher tier planes stats(except the db speed significant buff on USN cv+ft on both sides, which doesn't matter.) Since now its about the ship crew battle as cv cannot even attack with those changed aa EVEN you have your speed buffed, from what i heard is midway can't successfully land an attack on DM alone. And i have asked in the original thread too, is HE now properly damaging those aa on the ship? Anyway, on a 170+ ping server i can't even play IJN cv properly so i have only tried the midway and i think it can only attack some ship which is alone on the sea, not much i can elaborate before trying hakuryu on a 30ping server. I tried to stay calm, but even then, every single cv player i met is really mad about those changes and telling me cv is dead, someone like kavacha is blaming too, you can check, 2k+ midway battles with 70%+ winrate. I mostly concerned about the highest tier in this essay, but not the mid-tier one since im playing poorly(~50-55%WR) so i decided not to touch on lexing 111 change or langley 111 change, just the planes and aa mechanics alone in the thread and the consequences about the T10 matchmakings. One more thing, i was thinking over 10days for this feedback and when i suddenly see the announcement saying it is going to live.. i am like, LOL?
  13. saki6200


    Dear WG dev and fellow players, I don't know if it is a suggestion or question now since you are gonna to introduce what you changed in 0.5.3PT and posted the announcement, indeed i wanna to post this in feedback forum. TL;DR: You better delete the whole cv line rather than changing the stuff like this, I believe even the top tier cv player(both skills and ship tiers) will STOP PLAYING if you really introduce the OVERWHELMING AA changes in the PT server, since high tier cv can NEVER attack again just by AA MECHANICS. We are really CONFUSED and FRUSTRATED on WHAT YOU CHANGED and WHAT PATH YOU WANT CV TO GO. Before talking about cv, which as a cv player concerned the most. Lets start talking dd first, since the change is very large, including those captain skill change. Let’s roughly go through those captain skills first: 1. Last stand changed to second tier skill, quite good since dd is very easy to have their parts damaged, and those rngs in facts, really determine the outcome of a dogfight, and snowball a game. If in domination mode, this is really huge, just rngs. Getting this early can increase the survivability of those dds,great for new comers and let them having better experience. 2. The skill increasing torp. Speed& decreasing the range, ok finally a skill which is completely (only in some sense) viable for underpower higher tier IJN dds. Well, many people saying that it is op or anything else, but to be quite honest, I really don’t think the accuracy will be increased drastically, since, too many detection method (planes,sonars, dd in opponent team, etc.), but at least, punishing alone bb is gotta be “easier”. Something to elaborate: the torp damage is too low at long range againstbb at higher tier(aka 8~10), a shimakaze can’t kill a yamato with a perfectlong range torps.(3~4hit, actually only having 40k~60k damage in total), and having a 3 minute cd, and yamato can heal back up, to maybe 60k before the next wave of torp. up, kinda ridiculous in a lot of sense, even nerf yamato’s healing power still doesn’t solve the problem: long range torp isn’t as effective as one god like rng salvo. 3. 400health*tier added to the ship health, everyone wants more health on dd, and this 4000 health is like buffing dd too much compared to their mobility provided. Not much explain,maybe soviet dd can 1v1 yamato in a 10km fight without using torp. I can only see the only ships buffed is soviet ships, both dd and mikhail got a huge buff. Back on the torpedo topic, which every player complaining since beta or even alpha from what I see. With the current game, long range torpedo itself almost doing no damage, but actually generates damage for the team, in a optimal situation. However with the spread provided & the detection range alone, a bb can actually tank up the damage or easily dodge without taking damage, considering different situation they are in. BB isn't affected by a well scouted torps. “3 Shimakaze is op in T10 battles!” Ok, one is not good, and 3 is op?(or ACTUALLY one "op" shima can do a 3-way torp. himself)Thinking about the current detection method, you have actually sonar, your teammates, planes, scout planes to detect the torps in quite a far range, think about the dd survivability, think about the bb survivability,it is only about the lack of team coordination to detect the torp rather than the shimakaze itself is op, while shima cannot win any t10 dd in a dogfight. How can you say a dd having better torp but losing every single dogfight op? Well, maybe we don’t talk about t10, in the mid tier nowadays, what I have seen when I climbing up my USN CV in SEA server is, people never think about the dd have already torp him when he see a dd in range to torp him who scouted by my plane. And get a 4~5 hit to the face(considering most dd have only 8 torp at once in mid tier), and say, dd op,wow, such a good player. A good player have no idea about the torpedos' timing. Well, maybe elaborate one more thing. In my experience playing high tier games, there are very very little players considered to bring sonar into a game since the caliber of the sonar usage is too high, they don’t know when will have torp if there is no cv(for average players, a good player almost always know where the torps are), bringing barrage skill is always better in a game with cv, so I think it is one of reason players are actually blaming rather than “shimakaze OP/IJNDD OP”. People really not urged to bring sonar at all. Yeah WG, maybe you need to think about those “good players” experience, but on high tier IJN dd stand point, the current thing is, they can never have a meaningful torp attack if there is a good cv in game.(not even some supreme cv player) So, why play shima? Because there is no cv in game, no one can effectively spot shimakaze except kagero. Why there is no cv? AA too powerful when you have fully aa upgraded ship even in 0.5.2., people can't attack zao with IJN cv. This bring to the point people blaming “CV op” occurred for a year and keep going, still, people complaining because they get rekted, having no idea how to dodge the aircraft torpedos, by simple turning their ships at right way, aka a new comer. And WG, you tune up the aa stats every single time, to a point where a “newbie” never invest in aa can rekt a cv with USN ca/USN bb SOLO, just by pressing a barrage skill/ just rely on aa alone can destroy 75% of the planes before they attack, is that such a playable experience for any CV player? I would say not. CV, as the hardest ship to play in WoWs, having numerous situation that they are in, need to think about ALMOST every single ships movement, torpedo cds,thinking about where and when to invest the planes to have a positive outcome,having that many tactics, but having a stupid reward when the other team having overpower aa alone because you cannot do damage on them, even back in 0.5.2 where we are playing now, IJN CV still need to find the weak point and attack, but even when you found that point out, it doesn't have a 50% chance if that target is not alone. WG you keep saying HE should be able to lowering the aa defense of the other ships, but what I see is, HE means nothing, if HE can lower the aa defense to a acceptable level for cv, it already killed the ship twice or more, then why having this mechanics in game? The last time i post when PT 0.5.2 comes up, I said the balance between USN and IJN CV is broken that should be having some fine tune, but not “CV is playable”, maybe you think CV is playable? In T4? This time you made the aa damage exponentially increase while the planes health are in linear, an aa fully upgraded cleverland can easily killing midway planes with the new aa formula that included in this patch, is that funny enough? When better players know to upgraded their aa range, their aa power against cv, the people who don’t know just keep blaming “cv op”, and make cv suffered in high tiers, is that really what you want? Sorry for whining but seriously the 0.5.3 aa change is a joke for every single cv player,and completely ruining the cv players’ experience when playing. I would say only the new formula is introduce without any rng included is good enough as a first step for balancing those cv problem but not making us frustrated. And to be quite honest, if you want both “newbie” and “god tier” cv players both happy is impossible, since the cv mechanics now is allowing better players “killing” not good enough players every single game, who doesn’t stand a chance except the large differential in the captain skills. And bad cv players’ statistics will confusing the one who’s reading since they are really junk when talking about CV mechanics and the CV interaction against the other ships, they don't even have a chance to attack and get sunk when the game start. Yeah because the“not good enough” players are always exist, the team who have that guy will have a tough time just because of the other team’s cv, and what I see is, you keep increasing the aa value to a point in 0.5.2 where a team(without a USN CA)who knows how to grouping aa and using aa skill orderly will never fear cv since the aa power is too much for the planes. And the USN CA can take down the whole plane squad solo without problems. So what’s the result? A CV can’t overcome one ca in a ship crew and they can only pray if the team is good enough to get them from the game started, and when one team who having not good enough players playing other ships, cv can do nothing even they win the CV battle(except they can scout), such a joke, or, you want cv doing nothing just killing those fts in T10 and using every single squad on one ship in one attack? So, as the result of 0.5(before this 0.5.3 patch to be exact), A CV cannot overcome one group of ship who having one ca and they can only pray if that ca is died earlier during the game. If the team is not good enough, cv don’t have any impact in the game considering the winning snowball (scouting alone isn’t enough to win the game). Think about why you give torp squad and dive bombers for cv? In this patch(0.5.3) I would seriously think a 5/0/0 midway is better than every other single loadout in t10 in terms of the game control, in terms of win condition and snowball. Besides,you still haven’t solve the problem when ca press one button the cv got screwed, esp. when playing IJN cv, the spread is really broken, and from what I have mentioned before, a well-played ship team does not care about the cv since they have unlimited barrage skill throughout the game while having 2cas, wherein normal game (random battle) there are always 4cas or above, is that really a good practice to let cv exposed to numerous aa skill before they can attack? aa elaboration: There are some advanced tactics on those ca since the aa range>plane detection range, where they close their aa and wait your planes get into middle range(killing range) of your ship then start aa again, CV can do NOTHING like the bb getting torp in cbt/0.3.1 (look at your Mikhail, 9.2km range, 3x+ compared to the TB range, what cv can do if there are 3 or more Mikhail on a single team in the same team? Nothing.) Then u bring USN CA’s(no, that’s Mikhail power) aa defense power to every single type of CA now is really ridiculous, CV can bring nothing to impact the game because they have no damage, a better ship crew can always [Redacted] up the bad ship crew which doesn’t matter if a cv is very very good or not. With all the points mentioning about those striking is useless, still, players tend to bring strike-heavy loadout, the reasons behind are: 1. Better trust myself to carry my teammates rather than wait my teammates to carry me. 2. FT is having less impact(almost useless imo for lower skill player)compared to TB or even DB 3. Scouting for ten minutes having less impact than doing 1k damage killing a dd, and boring too(i'm kidding) Based on the fact that TB’s torp front-end damage is the main damage source for CV after you implement a faster damage repair control and all those signals, people only focus TB as the main target to SIGNIFICANTLY decrease the CV damage, if you have study enough high quality battles in T10, the ship kills are always come from the others but not the cvs. However, the game quality below T10 is quite low and I can hardly find one game as an example. Not only that,your ft still being useless, no pressure on the other ships except dd who don’t have anti-air power anyways, and now, you buffed 0.5.3 dd’s aa to a strong state that can anti-air, so what is the target of a cv? We just need to upgrade the aa parts for our ships and killing cv, wow, amazing, can it be more simple than brain-dead? And for the BBs, they still have a degree of air defense that won’t let you having no pressure when attacking them, still, without increasing damage, cv having almost 0 impact in the early to late game, the game stage affecting all the stats that you can see on the website, Most of the damage late game doesn’t control a game at all, and we still putting up numbers since we need experience and money for research and maintenance. Well, u may say cv can still commanding your team, ok when I play hakuryu, or even taiho. I can hardly find the time to type in some complicated command like dd torping one specific area, start gaining some map vision or get to a point where they can bluff the other team’s cv not to using that route, or baiting the other team into a trap, you can never tell them what thing you want them to do specifically and accurately. And as if you did that, what rewarding you is the win rate, not even one single experience or money(or if you counting the winning bonus there are). So, why playing CV? Really not point to play. If you keep treating us, cv players as the second class players, please tell us you do so, and we will leave the game without any question, because there is no point to play a non-factor ship in a competitive game. After CV leaving, no one scouting the dd’s torpedos, numerous “BB player” will start blaming “DD op” like what they did in beta, then you nerf IJN dd again, so are people forced to play the third personal shooting game rather than naval war? Then you can changed the game title into “world of warships shooting”, which doesn’t change the abbreviation. To all BB players, you can keep on whining every single type ships “op” on the forum, I don’t really care, but if the game turns into world of BBs, don’t blame the other using aiming assistant mod, which is the real OP stuff. To fix?(or actually not to fix) is all upon WG your decision, it is not easy to revise every single tier’s ships aa and those planes hp in depth, but can you at least, make the aa value rather linear for the cas and think about how “unplayable” cv is with the current state when there are only two ca have fully aa upgraded in one team.( yeah this is live now, enjoy getting your plane shoot down but you can do nothing) All in all, we love this game, thus we feedback, but this time, you really make cv step into the graveyard except t4/5, and i am really considering if i should playing this game or not because of this change. We are really CONFUSED and FRUSTRATED on WHAT YOU CHANGED and WHAT PATH YOU WANT CV TO GO. I have no question if you only want to see CVs in team battle, i can really understand all the changes then. Too many whining: Welcome to World of Warships shooting 0.5.3 patch. There is gonna be no good CV around since it is broken+unplayable, enjoy eating more torps and blame dd op, happy hunting! Thank you for reading this. p.s. WOW, so many caps, but still, can't even express my emotion when i typing this, feel free to fill out the poll and tell WG WHAT YOU THINK. Best Regards, saki6200 Profanity. Post edited, user warned. ~Syanda
  14. 隊型一直是航母的天敵這點我不反對 但是現在解隊型的方法絕對是美航比日航多(除了t9場的t9 cv 還要是一個0米哈的局) 而且多線操作根本是笑話 有那一場不是看見制海/制空 12/8部tb一起飛的 什麼是db 能吃嗎? 我只覺得那是一隻眼 如果你硬要說日航的玩家預設手速跟心力要比美航高2倍才能有相同實力的話我覺得我還是乖乖的刪遊戲了 這是9階以上的航母生態 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 除了t4以外我感覺不了有那個階級日航是可以「多線操作」且「對戰局有顯著影響」 現在的日航只是「多隊飛機」來「騙航向」從而達到「有傷害」 而已 而美航是用「單隊飛機」來「飛過去」靠「飛機航速」跟「生存性優勢」來命中5 6支魚雷秒傷5萬 有aa技下的情況日航打散程度 3隊最多只能丟中6支 美航還是妥妥的單隊4 5支 看到分別了嗎? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 日航對於有「隊形」會「控aa技」的團隊是無法造成有效傷害的 甚至是連雷也投不了 除非你說你每場都有1支魚雷打船肚都能進水的神運 而 美航在相同情況下還可以2隊tb硬沖去下8支魚雷 除非那是dm/米哈/balti(美ca) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 還有 日航3倍基本上是等於美航2倍,全滅整備時間沒太大優勢 算你15秒 攻擊機有能飛過中線嗎? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 啊 還有提到咬飛機跟掃飛機? 不過這不平衡也只是在t10而已,倒還好 現在t10有誰不會躲掃射 就算給你白龍正面掃中中途島也只會掉1~3部飛機(每隊攻擊機) 還不要說那彈藥只能給你掃1.5次 結果呢? 看人玩都在咬飛機的 結果整個生態就是拖長中途島的攻擊節奏讓己方減低戰損從而增加輸出 但要注意喔 咬飛機日航還要頂著一些奇怪的後置機槍手rng掉飛機 光戰損率就比中途島多 從這些東西來看就明顯看到422白龍吃隊友的程度遠比美航大 而美航制空板也是輕輕鬆鬆就打贏日航制空板 注意 再說一次 這只是t10的問題 因為中途島tb 15x節跟日航ft的攻擊力跟彈藥根本無法有效打擊美航飛機 這情況還有掃射沒buff前的制空板飛龍打制海板ranger ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 還不要說mm經常分到一些超低勝率(單艦<40% 去查一下avg wtr是紅色的)的航母要1打2 他的飛機連作用也沒有 以上