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  1. I stopped reading once I realised I was listening to the rant of a child. Which meant I didn't get past the second sentence. Cool story bro. You go for it, you big red fire engine. Tee
  2. What premboat to buy

    DE? Short for Deutschland?
  3. What premboat to buy

    Good advice. Though, for broad accuracy you can still say KM for the German ships in this game. The Imperial German Navy covered ships right up to 1919 - it's German name was Kaiserliche Marine - KM could be the initials. Then between 1919 and 1935 it was the Reichsmarine - which could have RM as the initials but there's possible confusion with the Regia Marina aka the Italian Navy. Then, of course, 1939 to 1945 was the Kriegsmarine - aka KM. So KM is a good term to use as it's broadly accurate; covers most of the German ships in the ship tree and most naval fans recognise the KM abbreviation. Tee
  4. Oh, I miss the glory earlier days when secondary builds on battleships like Bismarck were actually good. Then DD players and other "not good" players cried foul and then that option was no longer a viable build. And now we're at a place were despite have a heap of options in the skill selection, only a small selection are actually decent and the rest are for LULZ. And gone is one more bit of "variety" and mostly everyone has to run the same or similar builds to be competitive. Some players might like this, or even excuse this. The players who know better wish for a skill system and upgrade system that allows multiple viable load outs and captain skills. Tee
  5. What premboat to buy

    She is a great T4 ship. For the most part, use HE, troll everyone with RN-like HE powers, and kite like a mofo. Her aft placement of 3 turrets with (mostly) good rear arcs is great for kiting. Just watch out for torps from DD's and torp bombers.
  6. OK, so I reiterated the point, and you reiterated my point and now we're doing reiteration-ception. Thanks internet dude.
  7. I don't think you understand the concept of ELO (or similar) and/or how it's implemented in many other successful and niche online games out there. That's ok though. Tee
  8. Just like other good arena games out there, WOWS needs to have skill based match-making. Take MechWarrior Online - it too has a small userbase and yet has had skill based (ELO) match making for about 3-4 years. Until then, expect to ride the ups and downs of dealing with superb players and bad players... Tee
  9. Will Missouri be gone forever?

    Can you get it via a Supercontainer?
  10. Sighted my 1st Roma today

    ... That's exactly what I was saying. But thanks :)
  11. Sighted my 1st Roma today

    That funny looking tower is the result of rubbish artistic design of the premium camo. Obviously there are players out there that don't captaining something that bloody ridiculous for some extra XP/Cr gain. I prefer my Roma with the correct superstructure.
  12. Why those T9 BB are so rubbish

    Well, there's your problem. You've broken the laws of mathematics that underpin our understanding of the universe.
  13. trop reload time issue

    Those damn TROPS. If only this was about torps instead ;)
  14. Warships' nickname and fun fact

    Historical nicknames... not World of Warship nicknames...
  15. Warships' nickname and fun fact

    This could go on for ages. Scharnhorst and Gneisenau - Salmon & Gluckstein, tobacco company. They set sail most of the time together and their names start with the same letters and Salmon & Gluckstein so... that's the derogatory name the Brits gave them. Nelson (and Rodney, sister ship) - Because of their unusual silhouette these were sarcastically nicknamed Nelsol and Rodnol by the Royal Navy ratings who never served in these ships – their manoeuvrability issues and single-funnelled silhouettes reminded Navy men of oil tankers, and a series of fleet oilers that had been built during the First World War bearing names ending in "ol"