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  1. admiral_tee

    NA CC Update

    iChase didn't dig it up. Another player did. It's right, every time, to call out racism though.
  2. admiral_tee

    PSA: Recent community incidents and our actions

    Dog's breakfast. Tell ya story walking. You guys have a roo loose in the top paddock, and you're as flash as a rat with a gold tooth.
  3. admiral_tee

    WG : Sorry, but no Sorry

    This. This is a key statement here. I would love to see WG's statistics showing this. Show me the "reasonable" work needed by "hardcore" players to obtain PR for free. I would bet a years worth of Premium Time on a lucky player, that the work needed is not "reasonable" in any shape whatsoever.
  4. admiral_tee

    There are other better things than virtual ships.

    A$300 would give me a good time at Voodoo Lounge, Doll House or Xotica. Or I can play with a middling TX ship. Hmm.
  5. See, the mods here don't mind people implying that a player, or a nation in general are testicles or penises as long as we don't directly call them testicles or penises.
  6. Well, that escalated quickly. Racial generalisations. Excellent. Umm, is it my turn? You Asians have been acting like proud one-minute-noodle eaters with a "this server is more superior" attitude <though we cannot back that up in any rational way>. See, it doesn't do anyone any favours and devolves the conversation until we might as well start flinging poi... poo... at each other 😞
  7. admiral_tee

    Later Suckers!!!

    That because of the preferential university slots available to rich immigrants on student Visas with unspoken "guaranteed" passing/graduation results. All at the expense of Australians who struggle to afford Uni or who cannot get into Uni due to the increased amount of slots taken up overseas students and the lesser number of slots available to residents. But eh...
  8. admiral_tee

    Later Suckers!!!

    Demonstrates saltiness with whine post about salty Australians whining... Keep going, you big red fire engine. You're rocking it!
  9. admiral_tee

    Soo who is still staying in the SEA server?

    Hmm - there's no way to qualify this. Looking at comments like this from a pragmatic stand point, it's very much an echo chamber. Have to be careful of that. For e.g. whilst I can read (mostly) the rants on the NA server in chat and that I can't read the rancid offerings put up often in the SEA chat - both are still clearly salty keyboard warriors who don't know how to be an adult. Just one is in (mostly) English and the other is in pigeon English, gibber or squares. At least I stand a (small) chance of conversing with the fevered boy-ranting on the NA server. On the SEA server it's like communicating between a deaf person and a mute person...
  10. admiral_tee

    Soo who is still staying in the SEA server?

    Time to hit the frog and toad ya galah
  11. admiral_tee

    Soo who is still staying in the SEA server?

    It's tough communicating in squares. Luckily the preset commands are "ok" at communicating most dialogue options but man... it's tough sometimes...
  12. admiral_tee

    Later Suckers!!!

    Stay classy I guess...
  13. admiral_tee

    Soo who is still staying in the SEA server?

    It's the same as in SEA - just for us Aussies and Kiwis it's generally incomprehensible, poor English or lots of cool blocks and squares.
  14. admiral_tee

    Later Suckers!!!

    A little on the nose considering the massive bush fires across multiple states and the eradication of many koala habitats. The poor critter is almost functionally extinct thanks to generations of land clearing and these bush fires are another nail in the coffin. But hey - you go, you big red fire engine.
  15. admiral_tee

    Later Suckers!!!

    Salt level is the same - just for the majority of us Aussies/Kiwis it's incomprehensible or just lots of cool blocks and squares.