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  1. admiral_tee

    [ichase] even he.........

    I think most people here have missed the point - and it shows from the "git gud" (nice English by the way) and/or the "you're famous so get used to it". Sigh, as usual the vocal minority here miss the point and something important gets lost in the back-slapping noise that frequents these parts...
  2. admiral_tee

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Where's the data showing it's effectiveness? I am sure I can throw noodles at a person and eventually kill them... not that I'm saying it's a good choice of weapon to do so...
  3. ALL THIS ^ Well constructed game guides placed within a game is a lost art. There's absolutely no sense in hiding game mechanics in forums that a small % of players visit or are even aware of.
  4. admiral_tee

    Brace yourself, shipfu is coming !

    Presenting your bias viewpoint (pro anime in this case) is as valid as me presenting my viewpoint (anime/manga that sexualises underage schoolgirls is not on). The other guy went a little far in saying it's like porn but only a little far. I doubt that the ship girls manga/anime would have the same fervent following if there was no fan service and if the girls were adults. Hell, it be a less creepy set up if the ship-girls were adults. Showing cleavage and upskirt shots would be fine then. Underage schoolgirls? Nope...
  5. admiral_tee

    Brace yourself, shipfu is coming !

    So much salt. It's what the down vote is for. There's no harm in using it at all. I believe you are wrong and misguided. You believe otherwise. It's all good. Just as much as fans can fawn over content like this, a person can just as validly disagree with this. As an adult I don't like looking at underage girls showing their knickers and displaying cleavage. Adult females, sure. Bring it. Underage females? Nope. It's all good. Tee
  6. admiral_tee

    Axis vs Allies or Theatre of War match ups?

    Flambass is doing some AnA matches. Here's one vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbOygNtMuLE Previous match, Axis won.
  7. admiral_tee

    Brace yourself, shipfu is coming !

    Eh, he's not far off, though I would class it as creepy at best. At worst.. well, lets not go there. Replace the cartoon girls with real 13-15 year olds at school, add in upskirt shots and heaving bosoms, then have it watched by "adults". Sounds legit. Just because the it's drawn rather than "live action" doesn't excuse the content. But eh... money, right?
  8. admiral_tee

    Web comic starring the Bismarck

    Very cool :)
  9. admiral_tee

    Web comic starring the Bismarck

    Nice. And 99% less fan service of underage girls. Winner.
  10. admiral_tee

    Brace yourself, shipfu is coming !

    Well, if you want to merge a fascination of underage schoolgirls showing cleavage and knickers, with warships, then you have ship girls. So it's young girls prancing around in revealing outfits, most under the age of consent, whilst having turrets, bridge and torpedo mounts attached to their arms, backs, etc. There you go.
  11. admiral_tee

    Brace yourself, shipfu is coming !

    Eh, disagreeing with these collaborations is as "ok" and permitted as fans getting their waifu on... I doubt a WG mod is going to delete this thread because a player disagreed with them. Unlike the anime and manga WG has collaborated with, the Mods are mature :) Of course, if the thread spirals out of control, then yeah. At the moment it's all "above board". Tee
  12. admiral_tee

    Brace yourself, shipfu is coming !

    So Azur Lane is coming to WoWS. Great, more pandering to boys and "men" who like watching fan service delivered by underage school girls. I mean... really.. there's websites dedicated to those of this particular persuasion. Leave it out of WoWS... Tee
  13. Was just thinking out loud here. I think the chance is minimal considering the relatively small number of players this server has. I also think that the sides wouldn't necessarily be as balanced. Also, many of these units belong to nations that were on different "sides" through 2 world wars so it wouldn't be 100% accurate "what if?", if such a thing can be classed as accurate. However on the flip side, Axis vs Allies forces, or the more wordy Triple Entente vs Triple Alliance, undoubtedly would "feel" and "look" more historical than the random match ups we have at the moment. Hell, even theatre match ups - so Pacific, Atlantic, Mediterranean, etc, could be a go-er. So if this was WW2, we'd have Germany, Japan, Italy vs UK (+ Commonwealth), US, Russia. The French could play on both sides though that's a messy situation to work out. The Pan-Asian ships - not sure... Would these be balanced match ups? Tee
  14. admiral_tee

    Flamu does the IJN cruiser line (again)

    For what it's worth, IJN cruisers generally have the longest range torps too. That's an advantage.