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  1. Yes but the general use of GGWP is Good Game Well Played. If someone gets their knickers in a twist and thinks it otherwise, then they need to man up. If a player, being a douche, wants to disguise a dig at another player by hiding their comment in the guise of GGWP then they just being a douche. It's a non issue. Tee
  2. I'd be very keen to see the algorithm used to work this out. At best, they should only go by the wartime draft value, which is readily available for most designs. Not by displacement. Many factors impact ships draft, not just displacement. Tee
  3. GG is Good Game. Not an insult. GGWP - does this mean Good Game Well Played? If so, no insult. Tee
  5. Ships with capabilities like the Shimakase were not useless when looking at the context of pre war night fighting training that the IJN undertook, coupled with the long range of the LL torpedo. Further to that, take into account the early war night fighting success the IJ had against the allies and the Shima' doesn't look like a bad idea. Sure, from mid-late war, the Shima looks kinda pointless but there's grounds for it pre and early war.
  6. Insane AA? Looks at Cleveland, Des Moines... huh...
  7. 3 two gun turrets weigh more than 2 three gun turrets - of the same gun. To the OP and generally - it's written in a few sources where the Japanese high command and warship designers thought that having more turrets was better on the offense. I've never been 100% clear as the the rationale behind this though it could be due to more turrets means if one is taken out, your offensive firepower is reduced less if you have more twin gunned turrets then less triple gunned turrets. engaging more targets simultaneously. Tee
  8. Yes but penetration values and what they mean are not presented in game. A player is given a small set of values for the AP and HE shell, and then presented with an "armour" viewer. None of which make any sense unless you go outside the game/forums. So, what I should have said was "not presented clearly" rather than "misleading". Tee
  9. Why do the bolded letters form the word INTO? Is this a hidden message? A sign of the New World Order? The Illuminati? Tee
  10. Ahh ok, thanks. I read this post and it helped: Most players do not visit forums and the in game description of IFHE is misleading. Tee
  11. Love your write ups. All the Italian BB's are fantastic looking - must be the combination of the camo grey patterns and the candy cane stripes :) Tee
  12. Hi all, I'm a little confused about the mechanics behind IFHE and it's impacts on certain shells and armour thicknesses. The Ishizuchi has crap AP but her HE is great for her tier. If you were to add IFHE, coupled with the skill that increases the Burn Chance of her HE shells, would this be of benefit? Tee
  13. Yes, same here. 4pm WA time.
  14. Most naval guns of that era had similar ranges - it's not unusual. WG has truncated the ranges across the board. Tee
  15. Does the Bismarck need a secondary nerf though? Tee