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  1. Our brains work fine. Thanks for thinking that... No, really... :/ My question was more around the "why?" rather than "how do I get my little insect brain around this, please help me I am dumb, what is my thumb and forefinger for again?". As 99% of Asia don't use MDY and Russia doesn't use MDY, why does the World Of Warships Asia page use MDY? Is the WOWS Asia page managed by a US led team? Was the WOWS Asia page designed by the same WG crew that created and manage the WOWS NA site? Tee
  2. For reference: Tee
  3. Hey, Just noticed that the WOWS Asia News page, all the articles are dated in the format of Month/Day/Year format and not either Day/Month/Year (most common in Asia) or Year/Month/Day (China plus a few others). Philippines is the only odd bod with Month/Day/Year, likely as a hangover from being an ex-US colony. Why are the articles in a format that isn't a format for 99% of the population in "Asia" nor is it Russian thing as Russia is also Day/Month/Year format. Tee
  4. This poster is either trolling (and if so, masterful) or... he's truly stupid and shouldn't be allowed anywhere near anything... adult... Tee
  5. The term battlecruiser was also used by the Germany in WW1 (though they had different characteristics - smaller guns and slightly lower speeds for better armour) and the Ottoman Empire (ex German SMS Goeben was renamed as Yavûz Sultân Selîm). tee
  6. I'm fine with that. Let's talk poo any time.
  7. Ahh yes. I often mirror these responses. It's the only thing one can do, right? Wait... I respond with "poo". Damn, my finger slipped from the "i" to the "o" key. They're right next to each other.
  8. Wait. Why should I not express an opinion? My dissenting opinion about this is just as valid as your fanboy opinion. Because I chose to not roll over, I'm "barging in"? Pft... Snowflakes Tee
  9. Well now.. Just because I don't watch shows featuring underage schoolgirls with fan service doesn't mean I don't enjoy life or women. I just prefer to do so with women who are... well... of the age of consent and above. So, you get you're jolly's watching under age school girl fan service and I'll do my thing. See, we can get along... without you wondering about how I live my life.
  10. You mean you haven't seen any fan service... flashing panties, bras.. of girls who're not of the age of consent? This is ok? Would you look at young teenage girls in real life, the same way? I guess it's ok as it'sa cartoon though... right..? I'm perfectly allowed to disagree with this promotion as much as the fanboys are allowed to fawn all over it. I'm not tagging anyone here? That makes no sense in English. I'm offering my opinion here as much as anyone. It's just my opinion is at odds with the fanboys, that's all. Nothing I've said so far warrants a ban either. A dissenting opinion is not a ban. I call ships "she", sure. I don't watch underage school girl cartoons that offer fan service... I mean, would you watch underage school girls playing in a school? You don't have to understand my beef. I don't understand the attraction of watching a cartoon that has fan service of under age school girls. We're allowed opinions. I'm certainly allowed to offer dissenting ones, just as you're allowed to fawn all over anything cartoon...
  11. "Immerse yourself in the world of epic naval warfare and command legendary warships from the early 20th century in a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game." Can someone point me to where in the World of Warships description above, it mentions cartoon sexualised underage schoolgirls piloting ships for "reasons" in a fantasy alternative world? Tee
  12. I play a fully spec'ed Arkansas Beta with a 17 skill captain, I don't fear Nikolai's. Respect them, yes. Fear them, no. Tee
  13. Luckily you only missed out some important information in your description. I assume you're referring to her journey to Dakar from Brest, June 1940? Here's the context for our viewers and for you:*13-14th June - Richelieu undergoes first full power speed trials and first gunnery trial*15th June - Richelieu Admiral receives orders to prepare to send the battleship to Clyde (Scotland) - planned to occur within a couple weeks.*18th June - Richelieu was still in dock, 95% complete, not ready for commissioning.*18th June - morning, new orders received, colonial withdrawal. Immediate response due to advance of German troops.*18th June - 1600, Richelieu leaves dock, heading for Dakar. She left port within 8hrs, still not completed, not even commissioned, one gunnery trial completed, unprepared for the surprise departure as her planned departure date was ~2 weeks away. This completely explains the lack of powder charges for her main guns and the hasty escort provided. None of this supports your implication that the MN were not a potent fighting force. Armchair admirals might think that way but good luck finding a naval/military historian that agrees with your implication that the MN was not a potent fighting force based on the Dakar journey and Richelieu combat effectiveness. You won't. Tee
  14. I agree. The Marine Nationale was a potent fighting force with serious potential. What happened in WW2 is not a reflection on the ships nor the crew training. The whole "white flag" thing never tires for some people... Tee
  15. Algerie and Zara class are very well regarded cruiser designs, both are often regarded as the best cruiser design when launched. I've not heard that the Algerie class had a direct impact on the design of the Hipper class. Where is this info? Tee