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  1. Guilio Cesare - change in 0.7.0?

    I had thought that WG didn't nerf Premiums, only buffed them or let them be.
  2. Hi all, What does this change mean? Giulio Cesare: Reduced arming threshold for AP main gun shells to 53mm and for AP shells from secondary battery to 20mm
  3. Torpedo Beats

    Wait.... Imgur is banned in Indonesia? Damn, what did the site do? Insult the president, promote a non-conservative agenda?
  4. I think you're getting YouTube and P%$&Hub mixed up. Tee
  5. So, using your drama-queen statement to review your performance: You have lost Co-Op 4% of the time. You should be banned. Goodbye
  6. Video is bad with audio, when muted video is.... sad... Tee
  7. Have you heard about Dunkerque..?
  8. USN BB poll

    This question does not make sense in an 'opinion" poll: Are USN BBs weak objectively? Tee
  9. The Izumo "A" turret is nowhere near as close to the bow. You cannot say that turret "A" on both the Izumo and the NF design are comparable. They're not. Additionally, "glass cannon', implying thin armour, does NOT mean that naval design studies, mechanical and structural stresses etc are forgotten. Just accept that the NF designers got it wrong, many times. Tee
  10. That is a stupid design. The beam where turret "A" is is too narrow to fit the turret and provide adequate support and armour for it. There's a couple reasons why massive battleship turrets aren't closer to ships bows. This is one of them - protection. Tee
  11. IJN vs RN?

    Define "second navy".
  12. I'm just really happy with the RM buffs :) YTee
  13. USN Battlecruiser (CB)

    I agree that Alaska is a poor high tier ship in the battleship tier but to correct and clarify some of your statements. "about the only aspect in which she'd be strong is AA" - add speed. She could do 31.4-33 kn. That puts her amongst the fastest BB's in the game. "She has a slight gun advantage over the german <Scharnhorst>" - her 12" guns are way superior to the 11" guns. In the real world they hit harder (equivalent to a 14" gun) and they fire about the same rate. Range in the real world is irrelevant thanks to the different formula that WG use to morph/squeeze that data into game data. "many T6 and lower BBs have equal or better guns" - this is likely wrong, in the real world but depends what spin and magic WG would to in putting the 12" Mark 8's into the game. As said before, these 12" guns had better deck penetration and equal belt penetration to US 14" guns. At worst her modern 12" guns would place her middle of the pack at tier 6.
  14. USN Battlecruiser (CB)

    Graf Spee has less guns and smaller. 6 11" guns vs 9 12" guns of Alaska (that hit like 14" guns). Tee
  15. Ugh, I hope not but sadly I know it's a case of "when" rather than "if". Gotta appeal to all manchild's :)