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  1. Alaska most definitely is simply an upscaled cruiser, much like this Soviet paper ship. She does not have the sub division and torpedo protection of a capital ship of that era (which a BC was always classed as). Also, from the 1930's onwards, the term battlecruiser meant even less than it use to in the early 1900's. As soon as machinery and propulsion where capable of pushing battleships at speeds of 27+knots, a battlecruiser became a white elephant.
  2. So with the smoke changes, all cruisers and destroyers that relied on dealing damage by firing out of smoke - that will change, i.e. they will be detecable at a shorter range? So the MK is being nerfed but solely due to the overall smoke changes. Does this mean that shooting from smoke can still happen, you just cannot rely on pure invisibility any more? Will this be a big game changer to how the MK plays? Will she be a poor performer now? Tee
  3. This is rubbish. Her armour values, gunnery values should NOT be changed. This is another poor example of WG morphing, squeezing, a ship into a tier that it doesn't belong. Sure, we're not playing a realistic game here but there's suspension of disbelief and then there's suspension of disbelief. With forced nerfing like this and the South Dakota class nerfing... WOWS is rapidly turning into what WOT is now... I knew it was going to happen, I just wanted it to be a much slower transition. Tee
  4. But better fire chance, so..?
  5. Grinding to Tier X is not a goal for me. Tier X gameplay and economics is not appealing to me at all. I instead play ships and nations that appeal to me, rather than a arbitrary goal of "Tier X or bust". Tee
  6. You could successfully argue that a accurate non-nerfed Kongo is closer to T6 than T5. She's nerfed now to fit better as a T5. However she wouldn't bring much more to the T6 range at the moment. It would be tough to justify a more historically accurate Kongo over a Fuso. Tee
  7. Regia Marina all the way.
  8. Whenever I see that some man-child has written "poi" into the chat box, I respond with "poo". The man-child then responds with "poi" again, upon which I also repeat "poo". This little game happens a few more times then it stops. WIN-WIN. Tee
  9. Disagree, the poster has done his (her?) research well. There's some good points here. Tee
  10. It's referred to as both/either in multiple forms of naval literature. Hence my Littorio reference having a :P after it. Tee
  11. The issue definitely is the +/-2 tiers Match Making. I assume WG haven't made all the tiers have Tier IV MM due to low player population and/or tier population. It needs to be done but it won't... Unless we're ready to accept longer wait times, by a few magnitudes. Tee
  12. Benefits for both primary and secondary weapons? Tee
  13. Littorio class when? :P Tee
  14. She is a great looking ship. Many Regia Marina ships are like this. The candy stripe camo does wonders. I cannot wait to populate my harbours with more RM ships. Tee
  15. "Clan was iis coming for everyone" Huh? I need a universal translator. Tee